RACETRACK Development of Luxury Homes

Purchasing an existing Raceway to develop up to 150 luxury homes featuring exotic car showcase garages.

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My name is John Palmer and I have been in the construction business having both been a foreman on a multitude of construction projects and as an owner for over 40 years.

Having located a literal 'playground for millionaires' along with their toys, a very astute raceway, I am focused on growing the facilities revenue by adding both practical and luxury homes with several unique features. 

Much like the proven model of residential developments on golf course properties which bring a far greater profit well and above the venue; this too, in much the same way, brings to the property and it's investment partners, a tremendous return. The following are or will be pursued simultaneously and expeditiously:

  • Marketing to Buyers & Investors 
  • Site planning
  • County planning approval 
  • Design & renderings

  • Home sales
  • On-site operations 
  • On-site construction 

Important: A Masterplan for expanding the raceway and building additional structures has already been approved by the area municipality which is pro commerce and housing.

          When you learn of this racetrack, where it is and how amazing it is, you will see why we are pursuing our vision to create a Luxury Home Development. Each comes with it's own exotic car showcase garage, this property is located on the West Coast. It has for years received EXCEPTIONAL reviews by many and has been rated.

Currently, we are finalizing purchasing this profitable racetrack ($1.1 M annual gross) on 300 acres to build up to 150 homes with exotic car showcase garages. The homeowners will be granted a degree of priority to drive the racetrack.


Although the total project will exceed *$500M, you can buy-in starting at $50k, though these positions are LIMITED.

Once these are no longer available, only positions of $250k (up to $5-10M) will remain. In addition to becoming our Limited Partner, you can also buy one of the homes. Larger buy-in partners can take posession  of a home in exchange for their ROI.

You can
earn SOLID RETURNS of 10 to 20% in  short-term at 6 months to 2 years, and longer-term of 3, 5 and 10 years.

Your purchase will be in a LIMITED PARTNERSHIP with Pacific Investors Group LLC, with offices in Santa Barbara, Ca. and Honolulu, Hawaii and secured by the business which has been in operation for 12 years as well as the land.

Seeking financial milestones:

Seed of $500k.
Raise $1.75M or more in 12 months or less.
Raise $8M or more in 4 years or less.

Let’s TALK...

Partner with us and make BANK on your invested monies.

Our many projects have brought us to this place of delivering not just a membership, a home, but a lifestyle to those that are racing enthusiasts and sports car lovers.

We say, "why NOT live the race car life with access to driving your exotic, muscle car or motorcycle on a members only raceway which you can be part owner!"

* Low cost entry positions are very limited, so please act now.  Actual construction and infrastructure is driven by pre-sales.

(805) 696-2535

Copyright 2022 – John Palmer / Pacific Investors Group

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