KashJOBS pushes JOBS into your hands while it guides responsible personal money management as the pioneer of the NEW Social Enterprise Model of Capitalism.

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Jobs & Earning Revenue in America – re-imagined

Copyright 2021 – John Palmer

It has been said by many wealth experts, “…what you should be learning in K thru 12, is how to make and manage money!”

The NEW Model
When it comes to building one’s personal income, everything is moving towards the way of the entrepreneur, detaching from corporate offices… where mobile computing and mobile (remote) work spaces are becoming the norm. 

To encourage that further, our app will serve up employment opportunities (like many of the handyman apps, rideshare, DoorDash). The app is split into two categories, personal income and personal progress (budgeting, money management, investing). 

Now think BIG!

No need for LinkedIN, CraigsLIST, job boards, employment lines, filling out job applications etc.!

Why? Because this app, despite having many layers, is visually simple (think “pie graphs”).

Layers that include an Employment assessment, listing one’s experience by category, years in the field, education, certifications etc.. One simply sets their filters, then the jobs come to them!

The available jobs, along with what it pays you (DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY), the funds are deposited upon completion direct to your card OR Venmo account. 


You awake to “Today’s Income Opportunites.” You select the one you wish to pursue. You complete the work, you get paid. (“cha ching” sound here) 

Another segment of the app tracks EARNING progress, pairs it against your Expenses and VOILA… integrated money management!

Once projected earnings EXCEED “monthly’s,” or cost of living (expenses), that “expendable” income could then be deemed “spending money, OR…. be INVESTED.

This “balance of earnings vs. expenses” is always shown as a green (cash positive) or red (cash deficit) against the individuals monthly EXPENSES (which follows the earnings each day).

 EX: $5,000 monthly overhead, day three would show 3/30th (or 1/10th = $500). If you earned on day 1 $124, Day 2 $186, Day 3 $195, your color would be GREEN (+) $5, a running balance sheet.

A large portion, lower income earners, do not focis on, nor do they carry a balance at all. The app makes the user aware daily of their cash, income, balance.

As their awareness and income grows the positive balance, urges them to INVEST not SPEND, by forecasting how that money can GROW… if it were INVESTED. Urging comes by way of pop-ups and texts.

EX: “If you invest this $6 (or $6 everyday) into CRYPTO, In 90 days you will have earned $446!” 

Rather then teaching individuals “en mass,” the app would chime in (think, little angel on shoulder) to direct good habits.

Let’s get back to work!

The recent government stimulus checks that were sent out during Covid-19 served to exacerbate the bad habits of individuals, shown by the HORRIFIC unemployment rates that took a major dive. It’s incontravertible evidence that giving people money does not make them work, and even worse, makes them NOT work (further proof that segments of socialism, reparations and handouts will never be part of the solution).

England did this (“the doal”) and in the 70’s was bankrupt.

The app would inspire by following individuals finances closely, and by bringing resources right into their hands to get hired quick and easy!

The APP that PAYS.
Explaining the apps layers more deeply, a skill assessment would help those look for posted opportunities. However, many didn’t go to college, some didn’t even visit the Job Counselor, if they stayed through 12th grade at all. 

If the user were to draw a blank, the app would begin making suggestions. (We will not define theses into groups so as not to diminish anyone). “What can you do with your hands?” “Is there something you or others have said you are good at?”

Keep in mind, not everyone has mastered computers or can work online (or remotely). 

And the world won’t go round’ ignoring the fact that we still need a workforce with hands-on “workers/laborers.”

Is Tesla manufacturing TRAINING? Are these opportunities geographically feasible?

To have a “job suggestion” emailed or texted prompting you each day and to be Venmo’d the pay to you at the completion of that day… would be a game changer.

And the government won’t beat the private sector in doing this. So we have to.

We would enjoy you sponsoring us to help make this a reality for all!

We hope you choose to come on-board!

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