Cute & Cuddlee Mobile Pet Zoo is a pet entertainment industry located in California, USA. We train pets and use them as a tool to help put a smile on individuals' faces on any occasions and events.

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Once upon a time, there was a small petting zoo called Cute & Cuddlee. The petting zoo was not just any ordinary petting zoo; it was a place where special-needy children could come and find peace, joy, and happiness through therapeutic therapy with animals. The animals at Cute & Cuddlee were not only for the children's enjoyment, but they were also rescued animals that the petting zoo had taken in to provide a safe and loving home.
The petting zoo had a small team of dedicated individuals who worked tirelessly to provide the best care for the animals and ensure that the children who visited had an unforgettable experience. However, they knew that they needed help to continue their work. They decided to apply for grants and donations to help fund the petting zoo's operations.
The team at Cute & Cuddlee worked hard on their grant applications and outreach to potential donors, highlighting the positive impact their organization had on special-needy children and the rescued animals. They emphasized that their petting zoo was not only a place of joy and happiness but also a therapeutic therapy that helped children with special needs to improve their social and emotional skills.
Their efforts paid off, and soon enough, the petting zoo received generous grants and donations from individuals and organizations who believed in their cause. With the additional funding, Cute & Cuddlee was able to expand its operations and provide more educational services to schools and the general public.
The petting zoo's team was grateful for the support they received, and they knew that every donation and grant would go a long way in helping the rescued animals and the special-needy children who visited. With the extra funding, they were able to make much-needed improvements to the petting zoo's facilities and provide a better environment for the animals and visitors.
Cute & Cuddlee continued to grow and thrive, and soon enough, it became a well-known organization in the community. People flocked to the petting zoo to experience the joy and happiness that came from interacting with the animals, and special-needy children continued to benefit from the therapeutic therapy provided by Cute & Cuddlee.
The grants and donations that Cute & Cuddlee received were more than just financial support; they were a testament to the organization's positive impact on the community. The team at Cute & Cuddlee continued to work hard, knowing that their efforts were making a difference in the lives of both the animals and the special-needy children who visited.

When Covid-19 begin we able reached out several thousands of Homes, Schools, Special Needs Children and Adults with disabilities, 
Senior Livings, Nursing Homes Facilities, Universities, Churches, Daycare’s, and Etc. 
We are in Needed of Exotic New Home, Rescue Services and expansions for Our Amazing Animals on A farm land. We are looking to receive Funding of $10MIL + to complete Our Mission. We would Love to Share our investment Mission with You. 
Your Grants Donation would truly mean to the WORLD to Us. We Sincerely Thank You in Advance for All your Generosity and contributions. 

We are seeking Angel Investors and Etc…

***Executive Business Plan - 35 Pages - (Please Request)

Morgan McNeil

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