Kim's Canine Herbalism

Pet healing with plant power! Healing, nourishing plant medicine for your dog.

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I named my business - Kim's Canine Herbalism. I provide consultations for dog owners needing herbal remedies for acute conditions like kennel cough, yeast infections or vomiting. I also create plant medicine products that assist healing and decrease suffering.


Kim's Canine Herbalism Business Plan


  • Market Size - According to the APPA National Pet Owners Survey (2021-2022) 69% of US households own a dog.
  • Showcase Market Growth - Total US Pet Industry Expenditures 2020: $103.6 billion dollars. Estimated for 2021: $109.6 billion Dollars, an increase of 6 billion dollars!
  • How are you going to monetize it? - I make money with services and products. Services-Acute Canine Herbalism consultations. Herbal products-salves, shampoos, sprays, tinctures, and powders. I created a salve to treat my dog’s fungal infection its ingredients were recommended by a holistic vet. The salve successfully cured his infection and the best part it was so safe. I recently developed a liniment for muscle and ligament pain that my friends and family have used and found very helpful in reducing pain and increasing mobility. My goal is to adapt it for dogs. It is made from yarrow and rosemary herbs.
  • Showcase traction - I have acquired a domain name:

My plans for website include uploading educational videos on canine nutrition and herbal remedies for acute conditions. I enjoy amplifying my customer’s experience with visually compelling photos. I am an avid photographer! I have advertised on Google Business, Next Door Digest, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn. I thoroughly enjoy conversations with dog owners on the street and take the time during these interactions to share tips on dog health as well as my business card.

  • Team Highlights - I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, a minor in Zoology, decades of experience in education, Certified Acute Canine Herbalist, continuing education in homeopathy, canine nutrition, and healing from cancer.
  • Passion - My chihuahua, Rex became seriously ill in 2020 with seizures, kidney failure, and weight loss due to the toxic effects of his Seresto flea collar. Since 2012 it was known by the Environmental Protection Agency that there were over 75,000 incident reports about the collar and unfortunately 1,698 pet deaths. The EPA’s responsibility is the regulation of products that contain pesticides. The agency has known about these incidents for years but has not informed the public of the potential risks associated with this product (Karen McCormack, a retired EPA employee who worked as both a scientist and communications officer-USA Today) Are willing to put our pet’s health in the hands of Big Business that apparently disregard their welfare?

Long term goal - to educate pet owners about safe and effective herbal remedies for dogs that reduce suffering and increase vitality and joy.


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