USA Medical Electronix, Inc.

Raising $1 million for FDA PMA of a pocket-sized Automated External Defibrillator.

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The No. 1 Worldwide Health Issue

Dr. Michael Hoosien,  Cardiologist and Chief Medical Officer of USA Medical Electronix says, "Heart disease is the number 1 worldwide leading cause of death. 600,000 people die each year of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, usually because it takes too long for the paramedics to arrive. If we want to save lives, we need to move defibrillation therapy into the home."
Solution - the Pocket AED

The Pocket AED is a patent pending, disruptive medical technology innovation – a pocket-sized, Automated External Defibrillator small enough for heart disease patients
to carry with them wherever they go. It can save your life, or the life of a loved one.

Go-To-Market Strategy

The Pocket AED  go-to-market strategy includes distribution through pharmacies and traditional AED dealers. Pricing will  be affordable to seniors while simultaneously generating a
62% Gross Profit for the company. Life insurance companies are expected to be interested in helping promote the product. One of Europe’s largest medical products distributors has already expressed interest in distributing the Pocket AED as soon as it is available, through their network of 14,500 pharmacies in 27 European countries.

$10 Billion Total Addressable Market

Dr. Hoosien says he will recommend the Pocket AED to all his patients who have scar tissue or other damage to the heart muscle. We expect the 33,000 cardiologists in America to do the same. The total addressable market for the Pocket AED is estimated to be $10 billion.

Investment Opportunity

USA Medical Electronix’  founders have invested $1.1 million of their own money to fund development of the Pocket AED.
USA Medical Electronix is seeking $1 million to commence the FDA approval process, in return for 7.5% ownership. Series A and B funding rounds will follow.

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