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Remote Patient Monitoring - HealthCare IT raising capital to support current client inventory demand

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TeleMate Health Investment Presentation

The five-year net valuation of our company is $65M conservatively.
If we base the valuation from clients we are in conversations with, that valuation increases to $460M.

We have two options for our equity terms:
·        We are seeking an 18 month $1.5M USD loan at 15% interest - inclusive of 2.5% equity. (Conservation valuation is $1.3M over first five years)
·        or a $1.5M investment for 5% equity. (Conservation valuation is $3.2M ROI over first five years)
We are set to meet with our newest client in the first week of February. The meeting intention is to define deployment timeline. They currently have 300,000 patients in their discharge services. This client will be our launch point to additional large and even larger clients we are in conversation with. The ROI on this singular client will fuel the capital to the subsequent growth. 

Our solution is 100% proprietary. FDA, FCC, and HIPAA compliant. It is an end-to-end cellular based solution that requires no set up or programming. We bill medical insurance directly, so there is not a cost to the provider/hospital/health system and typically no cost for the patient. We have intentionally not disclosed our solution as we are actively applying for a patent and trademark.
TeleMate Health is not your traditional Remote Patient Monitoring company. We solve one of the largest problems in healthcare. We understand healthcare equity and we bridge the gap between hospital discharges to prevent unnecessary readmissions.  Patients today get sent homes with a piece of paper but no actual support. We are that support. Hospital readmissions cost hospitals and insurance companies hundreds of millions of dollars annually because patients are only discharged with a piece of paper and not a supportive monitoring and mitigation plan to prevent avoidable ED visits and readmissions.
We send devices that monitor vital signs, we have nurses that talk to the patients on a regular basis, and we bill their insurance, so it usually costs the patient nothing and the hospital or doctor has zero cost. We reduce acute readmissions by an average of 70%. If a hospital can reduce their lost readmission revenue by 70% for zero cost, isn't this a win for everyone?

We also provide holistic data to providers to make the best clinical decisions for their patients as opposed to a single data point taken during a visit. This data is interpreted by TeleMate Health nurses to authenticate validity and define why there may be a trend to better inform the prescribing provider. Our competitors typically do not offer this service. The receiver of the data is expected to have their own team at their expense to do this. Our competitors charge the provider or healthcare system for data. We bill the patient's insurance and participate with the healthcare team to deliver on the patient specific care plan.

We are nurse owned and operated, with over 50 years of combined clinical and Healthcare IT experience, so we truly understand the needs of our patients and how to bridge the healthcare gap from a clinical and IT perspective. 
When a patient is discharged from the hospital, there is not a comprehensive plan other than a piece of paper. The result is revolving door is readmissions costing the healthcare system millions of dollars. Patients need remote support to ensure they understand their discharge care plan and education to support the continuum of care. Providers can now make holistic decisions based on monthly reporting which improves clinical outcomes.

We would be pleased to share specifics about the large healthcare clients that are growing with us in 2024. 

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