Maison Albion

Maison Albion is a historic mansion reimagined to host magnificent weddings and events located in Western New York.

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We want to create magic in a historic setting...
Maison Albion will be a community center, wedding and event venue as well as a place for event guests to stay during event weekends.

Market Need
In the current market of Western New York’s wedding and event venue options, rustic barn and country club venues have become the standard. When couples and event planners are searching for a unique venue to create a memorable day, they are currently faced with a very traditional or rustic choice.
Maison Albion presents a third option - an opportunity to design an event in the countrywide of Western New York presented in La Vie en Rose. If Marie Antoinette had a country garden home, she would be happy to call it Maison Albion. We invite everyone who enters to find their own magic within these historic doors. 
Vision and Mission
The vision of Maison Albion is to ignite the romance and imagination of all who enter her gates. May they be transported to another time in history when gardens bloomed with color galore and interiors beamed in subtle tones of splendor.
Our mission is to enchant our guests at every opportunity. From an encounter online in social media, to a phone call, or a site tour, we seek to welcome all of our guests with the utmost hospitality and care.
Maison Albion will be a physical embodiment of Western New York’s French influence. The natural charm and beauty of the area will be accented with light and airy French design and bright, cheery, and colorful gardens.
This historic Albion mansion will be remodeled and reinvigorated to ignite the romance and passion of its guests. Maison Albion will be modeled after turn-of-the-century French design, a time when timeless elegance reigned supreme.

Business Formation
Maison Albion LLC was formed in the State of New York in June 2020. 
Maison Albion is a 11,200 sq.foot mansion built in  1878. It is three floors, with 19 rooms total. 

Lines of Business
Maison Albion will offer a premier location for weddings and special events. Boutique suites are also available to wedding party during special events.

What do we do?
Maison Albion will be a unique destination for couples and party planners searching for an event space with the grace of old world France combined it with the beauty of the Western New York countryside. 
The venue can welcome events with up to 300 guests, or create intimate spaces for parties of ten. If a multi-day event is planned, guests can stay on site in our four French style bedrooms and their guests will have access to over 100 hotel rooms off site within 10-12 minutes of the property.

Maison Albion is the most romantic venue in Western New York. Couples from Buffalo to Rochester and every town in between can create the wedding of their imagination in our six event spaces. 
Our lush grounds are unique in style, modeling English Country gardens and flowering all summer long for picture perfect captures. 

A party in the country is très chic at Maison Albion! Fundraisers, Graduations, Birthdays and Meetings can all be held in one of the many event spaces on property.
Intimate gatherings to large scale affairs can be set year round in the unique spaces.

Four French styled bedrooms await guests at Maison Albion. 1800 thread count monogrammed sheets and custom Maison Albion candles await their arrival. 
Breakfast can be arranged for the guests in the dining room and they have access to the entire mansion upon their stay. 

Who is behind it all

The owner of Maison Albion has over twenty years of hospitality, wedding, and sales experience. 
In September 1999, Kerri Glover started her first wedding planning company, Lavender Rose. She planned weddings and events for clients in California, Texas, and Internationally. Over time, she grew the company to be the largest wedding and event planning agency in the state of Colorado, executing over 180 events annually with 20 planners. 
During this time, Kerri was also fortunate to build, design, and launch thirteen wedding venues across the country for other investors. She used her wedding experience and business background to create space that couples would enjoy sharing with their wedding guests to create meaningful memories. 
In 2016, Kerri sold her company, now called A Touch of Bliss, to focus full time on marketing consulting and venue development for her clients. Her new husband, Cole Glover, brought his fifteen years of sales and event background to their new shared venture, Flourish. From Maui to Texas, their clients benefit from their strong sales and marketing experience in the hospitality industry. 
When the opportunity to purchase the former “Pillars Estate” in Albion came to her attention to renovate the property to become Maison Albion; a historic home with modern amenities providing a picturesque venue for weddings and events.

About Kerri Glover

•     BS in Marketing from Santa Clara University and MBA in Marketing from Regis University, J.D. Candidate 2022 Albany Law
•     Owned the largest wedding and event planning company in Colorado- 20 years of planning experience of over 1,000 weddings.
•     Designed fourteen wedding and event venues
•     Managed hundreds of thousands of dollars marketing spend for said venues
•     Manages sales and marketing for vendor accounts including venues, photography, video, planning, photo booths, and more.

Community Impact

Maison Albion will be positioned to support the local vendors in the towns of Albion and Medina, expanding impact to Rochester and Buffalo. 

By Year Three, Maison Albion is projecting 125 wedding and events held annually.
The venue will have four full time employees, and several contractors to start
By the third year, Maison Albion weddings and events provides over $4 Million in direct revenue to the community.
The community impact of Maison Albion’s weddings and events is estimated an additional $3M annually by year three
Maison Albion will host annual community events such as a 4th of July Picnic and Holiday Event.
The Green Initiative on the property will focus on minimal refuse creation and high recycling and compost output.

Maison Albion will focus on a green initiate to ensure the sustainability of events on the grounds. All caterers will be required to compost leftover food onsite for use in landscape fertilization. All products used on site such as hand wash, cleaning products and detergents will be Blueland.
No single use plastics will be allowed on property. All caterers will be required to recycle all cans and bottles on site.

The focus on the community of Albion and Medina are of the utmost importance to the owners of Maison Albion - hence the name meaning “home” in French. Annually, Maison Albion will host a 4th of July family picnic and a holiday event ties to the Albion Hometown Holidays. Other summer events will include an outdoor French Antique market. 
In addition, Maison Albion will be offered at least 10 times a year to local non-profits and community organizations that need a space for their event free of charge.

Maison Albion will provide $4M of direct revenue and $3M of indirect revenue to the community by the third year of operation.
For each wedding booked at Maison Albion, the dollar amount spent at the venue only accounts for 10% of a wedding’s spend - On average, clients will spend $40K-$50K on their wedding. with 125 weddings estimated buy year three, over $4M will be left to be spent in the community with other small businesses to complete those weddings. in addition, wedding guests will be booking hotel rooms, transportation, purchasing attire and gifts, and planning additional events.  If 50 hotel rooms are booked at $150/room that accounts for at least $750K of indirect spend before additional events, gifts and attire are accounted for!   

Venue Location
Maison Albion is located within an hour drive of two major metropolitan areas, Rochester and Buffalo, New York. It is located two hours away from Toronto Canada and six hours from New York City.
In 2019, 6,504 weddings took place in the Rochester metro area at an average total spend of $34,747. In that same year,  7,200 weddings took place in Buffalo at an average cost of $33,245 according to the wedding report.  Both markets overlap in Albion, New York. 

Venue Design
Maison Albion interior design is inspired by 19th century France. The mansion will feature light and lovely rooms to enhance the wedding day preparations and create a lovely weekend stay for the wedding party. 
The ballroom at Maison Albion was originally designed to mimic the ballroom of the Titanic, and only minor changes will be made to make the ballroom more comfortable. The grounds of the venue will feature a water pond, secret garden, and botanicals that will bloom in color from May to October.

Market Analysis
There are two main markets to analyze when reviewing potential clients for Maison Albion. The first are engaged couples who are searching for a venue for their wedding weekend. The second are all other party planners, social meeting planners, and non-profit event managers.

Market Development
Rochester Couples = $34,757 average wedding spend
$4,711 average spend on venue site fee
$2,265 average spend on venue rentals
$729 on rehearsal dinner, $407 Hotel after reception
61% hire wedding planners

Buffalo Couples = $33,243 average wedding spend
$4,648 average spend on venue site fee
$2,234 average spend on venue rentals
$719 on rehearsal dinner, $401 Hotel after reception
59% hire wedding planners

Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan for Maison Albion will be a combination of online, offline, traditional, social and public relations channels. A precise marketing mix is important for a wide reach to a potential client base.

Traditional and Offline
Traditional marketing, including print will be considered for this market, although not confirmed a this time. Offline marketing includes networking, expansion of reach, and vendor relationship building. This also includes the use of photography styled shoots used for marketing purposes and event hosting of community events. Numbers below are annual.
Styled Shoots/Photography - $3000
Community/Hosted Events - $4000
Networking/Business Group Memberships - $300

Online Marketing
Online Marketing will include a mix of strong online brand presence and active participation in online marketing channels directed to engaged couples online. Below are annual cost estimates:
Facebook/Instagram Advertising - $1200
Website Hosting - $240
Google AdWords  - $5000
Virtual Tour - $300
 Email Marketing - $0
Misc - $980
Total Annual Cost - $6740
Social Media & PR
Social Media and Public Relations are crucial for the consistent brand message and customer recognition through multiple channels. Although not usually cited as the reason for inquiry or booking, both channels play a crucial role in broad confirmation and expansion. 
There is no cost to these channels as the owner will manage them at no cost. 

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