Good Flo Inc.

$200K for $2M! or $2M for $20M!

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Good Flo is a family run telecommunications infrastructure company. My son Danny Hocevar  is the director of operations and my husband David and I run the financial aspects. We have been doing underground utility construction since 1999 and have recent interest in cell phone tower maintenance. The demand for cell phone towers maintenance crews is overwhelming and the margins are excellent!  Every $200,000 invested allows us to purchase equipment, have the capital, and run payroll for one tower crew before generating a self-sustaining cash flow. Each tower crew will produce a yearly profit of $1,000,000. Profits will be split 50/50, and will have a life span up to 4 years.  Joint venture structuring will allow full transparency financially, and investors will receive their initial investment returned prior to Good Flo receiving any draws. Our current facilities, vendors, and our human resource team will allow us to roll out 4 new crews per week. Please take a look at our projections and consider making a good investment with Good Flo today! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your future partner,  Robin Nihoff

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