Fjord-Land Fisheries Inc.

Raising $500K to support external expansion

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Executive Summary

Fjord-Land Fisheries will consolidate and expand the aquaculture and seafood industry within the Northeastern United States. In doing so we will provide sustainable, ethical and delectable seafood to our customers.

We will accomplish this by vertically integrating the industry, allowing for stabilized costs throughout our holdings; selecting and implementing  industry best practices from a consumer and ecological standpoint; maintaining a quality product, which we will market and bring to our customers at a competitive price.

Mission Statement:

"Within six years time every third household from Maine to Virginia will enjoy healthy and sustainable seafood from Fjord-Land Fisheries Inc."

~ Samuel Park, Founder


We shall operate within the seafood space by forming a decentralized organization that focuses on developing small units and leaders. For this to work we must equip our people with the skills and tools required to make effective and moral decisions independently. In this way we shall have the advantage of being able to seize a majority market share while retaining speed, cohesion and adaptability. Such an organization can only be held together through shared organizational values and experiences. Fjord-Land Fisheries Inc. shall maintain a sales minded culture and shall value innovation, even in the event of failure.


Pitch Deck;

Investment Outline;

Our first several acquisitions must be executed with extreme care and scrutiny, not only through a thorough due diligence but also by keeping an eye cast towards the future to determine our targets’ place in it. In phase one what is most important is guaranteeing a stable cash flow, in this way we can continue to expand despite economic downturns, such as a second or third wave of Covid-19, collapsing markets or geopolitical insecurity. Once we have established a stable system our next objective in phase two and three is to expand and experiment; constant innovation and improvement are imperative.

Target Profile;

An ideal target will have the following features;

  • Gross Profit margins of 20% or greater, 30% is typical for most of our potential targets
  • Have been in business for at least five years
  • Have three years financial statements and tax returns available
  • The owner is motivated to sell and has a clear reason for doing so
  • The business has sound economics and is in full compliance with the law

Types of Businesses;

*Note many companies post pandemic are now integrating many of these models together

  • Retail locations that sell fresh seafood
  • Fresh Seafood Trucks 
  • Wholesale operations
  • Direct Mail Delivery of Fresh Seafood
  • Seafood Processors to include smokers and canneries
  • Shellfish Farms providing oysters, clams, crustaceans, mussels, periwinkles etc.
  • Finish Farms providing salmon, barramundi, trout, caviar,  etc.

Capital Stack;

We shall acquire targets using funds raised here in combination with debt financing to include SBA 7(a), SBA Express, SBA VA, sellers finance and conventional financing.
Additionally we are looking to offer 8% to 15% of the equity in each of our targets for investors with an eye towards cash flow.


Samuel Park: Founder of Fjord-Land Fisheries

  • De-Active Maine, Assaultman specializing in demolitions and rocketry
  • Led Marines through simulated breach sites and attacks
  • Has taken numerous classes in business and finance both in high school and while employed full time
  • Employed in the banking industry as a Teller, Loan Clerk and Loan Processor
  • Motivated self learner from mentor-ships, reading biographies, professional materials, industry papers 

Jeffery Boak: Vice President

  • Drafting and negotiating corporate, commercial, financial agreements
  • Intellectual property law
  • Licensing agreements & Litigation Management
  • Formerly with; Sony, Partylite Gifts, Luminex Home Decor
  • Experienced executive and in house legal advisor
  • Graduate of Cornell University and Columbia Law school

Göran Lindahl: Chief Strategic Officer

  • Industry agnostic change management philosophy
  • Seasoned executive and interim executive
  • Formerly with; Ericsson, Teligent, Föreningen Svenska Patrullbåtar
  • Led multiple acquisitions, IPO’s and business development initiatives in the telecom space
  • Familiar with a variety of industries having opened his own consultancy
  • Göran grew up working on a salmon farm owned by his father in the fjord's of Sweden

Tracy Brassell: Chief Financial Officer

  • Formerly with Metropolitan Meat, Seafood and Poultry Company
  • CFO with Acquisition and Integration experience
  • Member of the CFO Alliance since 2010
  • Bachelors in Accounting/ Business Management
  • Received his MBA from American University while working full time

Market Overview;

The Northeastern United States is home to the Boston - Washington D.C. corridor which is the most populous megalopolis on earth boasting a population of over 50 million people. The U.S. market for seafood was valued at 2.5 billion dollars by the start of 2021, pandemic affecting restaurant sales aside seafood consumption is projected to continue to increase following the overall trend from the past decade.  Combined these factors make Fjord-Land Fisheries Inc. well positioned going into the future.

The traditionally most common ways seafood has been purchased and consumed is changing due to the combined factors of the pandemics affect on restaurants, an increase in consumer curiosity and knowledge about seafood, modernization of the industry, and improved logistical systems. In order for Fjord-Land Fisheries Inc. to be successful flexibility, speed and innovative spirit are paramount.

Sustainability Standard;

The term sustainability get's thrown around and overused quite frequently, to the point at which it's value has been depreciated.
For our purposes sustainability means that anything we are doing we can continue to do with minimal impact to the environment for the foreseeable future, we must ask ourselves "Can we keep doing this for 100 years?" if not, back to the drawing board.

In Closing;

We at Fjord-Land Fisheries Inc. are interested to move forward with an active investor or investors. Myself, the Founder am incredibly greedy, I don't just want your money. It's my belief that a quality investor has so much more to offer than that be it insight, a network or just asking good questions. 

Please feel free to field any questions to [email protected]


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