Raising $5M to setup a manufacturing plant to manufacture permanent magnetic generators & EV charging stations.

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At Theron Technologies we want to change the world for the better by creating true green energy generators that are NOT using fuels or combustion resources to generate electricity. 

We are raising $5 million to set up a factory to build magnetic generators and EV charging stations.  Environmentally Friendly Self-Powered Magnetic NdFeB Energy Generators - Perpetual Green Energy. (Never before done technology!) 

Investors receive a generous 30% Internal Rate of Return plus Preferred Stock Shares of $1 to 1 Shares to sell when you want. 

Think about it, Generac™ who is only a standby generator company launched their stock at $13/share and it went as high as $500/share. We are true Prime Power Perpetual Energy Permanent Generators. The term is only 1 year. More information at

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