Raising 25K to build e-commerce site, product and advertising

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I want to develop an e-commerce site selling specific men products. I need $25,000 for product and advertising. My idea came  as one day my wife created baskets for the men in our family during the holiday's. She put essentials things in the basket that men usually might need like underwear to skin care and hair products. Everyone loved their gifts! That was my aha moment. So I bought the domain name
Our customer base for will be Men and Women. They will create a basket with the products we sell on the site and also have the option to buy individual products. We will have 3 ready made baskets of their choosing. I have priced out product and advertising. The site will offer 6 product kits. Want to keep the product line  small during test run, then maybe expand later if needed.
A little about myself. I've been in sales for 30+ years. As the pandemic hit I realized that it was time to make this project a reality. I have the time and the drive to get this project of the ground and running.  I welcome any recommendations or ideas to improve my model. 

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