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just authentic is wants each customer to feel included and considered. each brand tells a story. price isn't the secret to. luxury, value is. shop your luxury

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we launched beta testing 12/10/21 - full live 12/31/2021
https://justauthentic.com online shop; we offer luxury products and a tailored experience. Because our customer base is inclusive of almost everyone, we have made sure that everyone gets the same opportunity for a customized shopping experience.
Just Authentic believes that each person's unique tastes will be best satisfied, if they can better understand and confidently identify what makes them happy and gives them pleasure. At Just Authentic, luxury is not about price, it’s about value.  Our Client Profile Questions allows them to not only express their taste, but the questions allow us insight into their behavior, their emotional journey as they shop for their expression.  
Our goal is to offer an experience that allows each person to Shop Authentically.  This allows for a break from genderation, and a focus on expressing oneself.  It allows us to view masculine, fluid and feminine as a form of expression, as opposed to the impractical gender identity trap many people feel.  I am not an activist luxury shop, I am not trying to change the world, I am  simply allowing all to be considered.  
In reference to the client profile questions I mentioned, we have two ways we will approach the client.  

  1. They can complete the questions all at once, this is our first and most efficient method. 
  2. If we don’t get the response we want, we then present one question at a time as they log back into the site. 

These questions help us create a more focused and customized product selection experience for each user. The site is starting with fragrance and accessories. Being a 20 year veteran of this industry, my relationships have allowed me to secure agreements for distribution for brands that are difficult to acquire.
Our customer service will offer veteran fragrance experts that have agreed to share their wealth of knowledge. We will highlight each with their own page and give them the opportunity to have their story told.  The customers will recognize some of our Service Professionals, if they are in the NY Metro market.  This we hope will help establish our Shop as something new and different.
There are also potential relationships that perhaps in the past looked competitive to most online businesses, however in our case we are working to make them revenue partners.
We are starting almost immediately with an affiliate program that focuses on other countries and targets specific industries. 

Our goal is to launch our Discovery Set Adventure.  It’s an ala carte program that focuses on the customer instead of the brands.  There will be three preselected standard sets, but the client can make their own if they choose.  With the purchase of the set, the customer immediately gets a gift card for 75% of the value of the Gift Set towards their next purchase.  Being in this industry for so many years, our approach will make us the most diverse program of its kind.
Just Authentic is also partnering with an Emerging Brands Consulting Agency and working to build their native eCommerce site on ours.  It will live in its URL but will bounce to ours upon checkout.
We want to create the same type of partnership with a social media influencer and content creator.
These relationships are important to me because I want to show how people can make anything a healthy opportunity if both parties understand the goals and objectives.
And the same goes for the collaborations I’m working to secure now.  I already have a couple strong candidates that I think would be aligned with the brand.
Also, we are developing an Art Gallery ‘Objects of Art’ and will be featuring new and upcoming artists, as well as some established creators as well.
And since our concept considers everyone, we want to be sure we have experiential offerings as well. We are working to secure outdoor adventures such as river rafting,  parachuting and cooking classes.
Because the name of the shop is Just Authentic, we know that there will be lots of different variations of luxury goods. Our position to challenge people in understanding their personal luxury allows us the opportunity to create ultra-customizations for people when they decide to come to shop justauthentic.com.
I hope this gives you some insight into our brand and lifestyle.
1 genderation – is not an actual word, but based on the structure, we feel is the best description of our message.

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