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Chosen Finance Company LLC is an auto finance company. Specialize in ITIN numbers, Bankruptcies, and low credit scores.  We help people who are in need of a new vehicle who are dismissed, declined or treated differently because of the situation they found themselves in. These are markets that are profitable and struggle with traditional financing at new car dealerships. Chosen Finance  Sales Reps will do direct marketing for new & used dealerships. Our sales reps will have (buying) power. Allowing them to buy deals on the spot. Giving them an advantage with dealerships. Approving more loans and collecting more deals. Business-to-business relationships will be key. Reps have over 300 dealerships they do business with now. 

-ITIN- Hispanics are the largest growth segment in the U.S. Estimated aggregate household income totaling over 1.28 Trillion.
They are considered an under-bank community, which makes a significant potential source of new business for Chosen Finance. 30% of the 62.2M more likely to get direct auto loans

-Bankruptcies- Over the last 3 years the average number of non-business bankruptcies was 721,360.

-Low Credit Scores - We currently know that many American consumers are heavily impacted by COVID-19. 

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