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While the use of Digital Workplace solutions gets more complex and competitive, a loss in employee productivity and work engagement is also spiking. This loss is primarily due to fragmented communications and information, an increasingly distributed workforce, and application-usage overload. 

Reputable research resources indicate 69% of the corporate workforce wastes up to sixty minutes a day navigating between applications. 38% lose their train of thought toggling between apps. The need for smarter Digital Workplace solutions is evident. Consolidating and integrating “all things work” is the way forward. This is exactly what Axis achieves. As a result, our customers will experience an increase in profitability, boost their KPIs, and achieve gains in efficiency. Improved security and reduced compliance costs are also key benefits.

Market Potential

The Digital Workplace sector has produced unicorns and decacorns at an advanced pace in recent years. Examples include Basecamp ($100B+), Slack ($27B), Atlassian ($35B), Zoom ($100B+), Dropbox, Monday, Evernote, Citrix, Asana, and more. With MS Teams and Google Workplace contributing solutions to the  Digital Workplace sector, the TAM (Total Addressable Market) tops $335B by year 2025.

Our unified Digital Workplace integrates the following functions:  Instant Messaging | File Syncing | Video Conferencing | Calendar | Email | Notes | Whiteboard | Newsfeeds | Teams | Meetings | Workflows | Management Insights. Axis has unique differentiators, including on-premise or Cloud deployment, white labeling, a modern UI that allows multitasking, and customizable user dashboards.    

Disruptive White Space Solution

Axis has the potential to disrupt the Digital Workplace solution sector and achieve an exceptionally high valuation trajectory. This will occur by leveraging smart integrations and consolidating productivity tools within a SaaS-based enterprise solution model. Axis is led by a team that has worked together for more than six years and produced two successful IT solution ventures. Axis has gained early traction and is already being deployed within two enterprise-level institutions. The solution is ready for immediately deployment in the U.S.

About Our Company

Our parent company is a financial advisory and software development firm based in Karachi. Landmark Investment ( has a rich heritage of capital management and has previously deployed other SaaS solutions.   We have developed a Series A-class private placement memorandum in the form of an in-depth PPT.  We also have a financial model that outlines how we will achieve $40M in sales within a five-year period. 


With the signing of an NDA, we will be happy to provide these works and schedule an introductory call with our U.S.-based Chief Commercial Officer. We can start with a product demonstration, talk through why Digital Transformation is a hot sector for investment, and discuss the advantages of investing in Axis. You can reach our CCO directly at [email protected].

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