Audrey + Biscotti Textiles

Raising funds for custom fabric printer and custom American milled solid fabric.

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Custom printing textile shop. Specializing in American Milled solid textiles and gorgeous prints on 10+ organic , diverse fabric bases.  As we progress in a different economic climate, supply / demand chains are shifting . Acquiring our own Fabric printer will position our business to not rely on resources from across seas , widen profit margins and open jobs within our family business. 
Additionally carrying a sought after American milled solid fabric would put us as the only company in Canada to offer it. I have been a seamstress with a successful online baby brand for the last 5 years. Giving myself experience in my market and the brand esthetic that draws the clientele to our now custom textile shop. 
We currently print designs ( purchased and licensed from surface designers) and send them to an overseas fabric print house in east China. Our profit margin is 40% after mark up.  We also use an American print company stateside , that has the same technology we are hoping to purchase.  This option is very popular with our customers and has a slightly lower margin at 30%. 
Currently we have a larger following on our Facebook group and have had annual sales of close to $200, 000k for last year. We are hoping to double this for this year, and possible triple if we acquire our printer.  We just move into a warehouse/ boutique space that has an option for us to bring in the printer but also have lots of room for warehouse. 
The company has been curated by myself and inspired truly by my love to curate sustainable children's clothing. And in turn now my textile company services companies and brands a like. 
Canada does not offer this service or quality on this scale and we would be the first in the market with a good name and solid marketing team, brand and return profit. 

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