Raising $500,000 investments to grow HealthTech App. Automate Your Health! (patent pending)

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 What we do:

Meditext APP will enable every patient on the planet to have all of their medical conditions, healthcare appointments, patient specific medical news & vital signs automatically  monitored & customized.  


  • Healthcare Treatment is currently driven by patient symptoms 
  • Free Vital Signs Monitoring with auto-alerts does not exist 
  • Lack of Health Literacy inhibits informed patient decisions 
  • Healthcare Records are scattered around 1,100 EHR companies 


  •  Automated Medical Condition Management 
                Using patient data, we automate patient scheduling, including reminders, and a call center. 

  •  Free Vital Signs Monitoring 
                Vital signs monitoring for all patients, auto-alerts, & real-time population management. 

  • Educate Patients         
               Personalized for each medical condition, curated news, breakthroughs, and clinical trials for more informed healthcare decisions 
               Have the answers for that difficult diagnosis in your smartphone by the time you get home.

  • Centralized Medical Records 
               1-Click access to a single centralized health record from all providers & the ability to share via secure link from any device anywhere in the world. 

 Second Opinion As A Service 

  • When you receive a new diagnosis or you’re not getting the results you want, MediText will find the best physicians & hospitals for treatment. 
 “In a new study on Second Opinions, Mayo Clinic reports that 88 percent of those patients go home with a new or refined diagnosis, only 12 percent confirm that the original diagnosis   was correct.”   - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 

 Automated Wellness Checks 

  Wellness checks driven by AI trends in medical conditions & vital signs readings.  Providers & family may customize the alerts & receive notifications.

 Unique insight, approach or advantage: 

  Provisional Patent using patient data & our App to automatically manage: 

  • Medical Conditions 
  • Appointment Schedule 
  • Reminders
  • Personalized Education 
  • Vital Signs 
  By doctor’s order & 1-Click Enrollment.

 How big is market 

  • TAM is $18.2 Bil, everyone is a patient & 91% of them have smartphones 
  • SAM is $11.5 Bil, prospects contacted & informed 
  • SOM is $765 Mil end year 3 run rate 
 How do we get to a $765 Mil ARR run rate?
  •  Target prospect lists based on provider use of patient data
  • Stratify patient populations & report utilization & revenue failures to schedule demos 
  • Each team generates 200 demos month, 15% conversion to 30 new provider accounts 
 In 3 years over 10,000 provider accounts with Digital Marketing & Tradeshows generating an average additional 105 provider accounts per month 
 for a total of 13,967 provider accounts with 2,000 patients each or 16.8 Mil patient-users @ $3.80 per month or $765 Mil ARR.

 Why am I pursuing this?  What background supports it?

  • Father died of cancer, all four grandparents died from chronic disease, mother mismanaged her meds, had a stroke & 8 yr death. #Passionate
  • I built a remote cardiac monitoring business that started from the back of my car in 1991 with a computer, & plugging into gas stations for power into a  real-time cardiac monitoring service over the cellphone network for physicians & hospitals in 45 states. 

 How will we attract users? 

  • Upload patient data in mass, or provider utilizes self-serve drag, drop and done feature
  • We send out Doctor’s Order for MediText to all patients for 1-Click enrollment
  • Example:  Patient receives text message, opts in to see doctor’s order and taps to enroll, 1-2-3 done!
  • Patient data pushes automatic scheduling, reminders, free vital signs monitoring & patient specific education 

 How will we earn money? 

  A fee is billed to Providers & Employer Health Plans & Insurance Co's
  • $5.00 per patient per mo (pppm) - patients w/ chronic disease 
  • $2.50 pppm – all other patients 
  • $500 – for SOAAS second opinion as a service (worldwide database of physicians & hospitals)
  • $5,000 - for lifetime automated medical condition management and 3 second opinions 
  • $20 – pppm - Automated Wellness Checks 

 What competitors matter?  How are we different? 

 Example: Livongo & Hello Heart 
 They went to employers not healthcare providers,  with an unsolitcited offer, and have a 3% monthly adoption rate with a 1.1% churn rate. They will falter on patient adoption.
 Meditext is offered directly from the patients’ healthcare providers.

 Who or what worries me?  What keeps me up at night? 

 That's easy, our "Sickcare" system worries me.  I’ve been monitoring patients for 31 years and it is barbaric what is happening. You and I both have a duty to launch Meditext, 
  data driven care. 


  • 55 presentations w/ NDAs
  • Provider signed letters of intent for 14,000 patients
  • Talks  182 more for another 400,000 patients
  • Over 500,000,000 transactions securely processed on our cofounder Omniplatform

 Greatest Accomplishment: 

  • My kids, Cal Poly SLO cum laude, UC Berkely junior. 
  • Building a heart scanning PC, putting it in my car, picking up holter EKG tapes from cardiology offices in 1991, providing 1-hour turnaround time plugging into gas stations, to a          nationwide 45 state cardiac patient monitoring business, sending paramedics to pull patients out of their beds for emergency pacemakers, and patient calls like the gentleman earlier this year that called crying, "thank you for saving my life".
Meditext offers you the same opportunity with your investment, let's get started, there's people that need help!  We plan to roll this out to all peoples of the world.

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