Sparkles, A Supernova's Dream Comes True

Raising funding to market the book Sparkles and sell related merchandise.

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Dear Investor. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to present to you, a great story, Sparkles.  Sparkles was an ordinary star with an extraordinary goal. He had a dream and he pursued that dream. Hard work paid off. He accomplished a  magnificent, rare performance. Read as the world watches Sparkles go Supernova and see people everywhere enjoying the show and their sparklers! Lots of great pictures. 

I have a commercial, and there is a jingle kids can sing along with.   I also have a downloadable ring tone kids will love. As for marketing, all of the other usual off shoots a book can have– toys, coloring books, stickers, tattoos, pencils, erasers, t-shirts, socks, shoes, a phone app - all the usual line of merchandise to get the character into the hands of people everywhere.  I’ve put together some materials to tell you more about the project. Copy the link below and paste it in your web browser to view materials:

I will be working with Amazon Publishing on the marketing plan.  The book is already published, so a good amount of the expense has already been paid out.  My company is debt free. I hire freelance artists and pay as I go for each page they paint or digitally create. I own the rights to all of the art as the work was done as a work for hire arrangement.

Looking for a $25,000 investment primarily for marketing and some additional graphic design. Please give the book Sparkles a chance and I'm sure you'll get an excellent return on your investment, as Sparkles has the potential to make millions of dollars.




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Sparkles, A Supernova's Dream Comes True is no longer seeking funding.