Eldorado EL Magnifico

A real "Indiana Jones" in remote New Mexico?

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Berthing a legend...

Precious metals golden opportunity in remote New Mexico!  Historical precedence info:  https://www.legendsofamerica.com/victorio-peak-treasure

We discovered another similar historic large gold find.  Seeking $30M...proceeds dedicated for a 36K acre private land acquisition treasure resides and operational/recovery expenses including a very robust 24/7 site perimeter security platform.  Full evidentiary data portfolio, expert commentary and magnificent large rock heart and turtle effigies treasure monument photos plus irrefutable professional grade subsurface  electronic imaging confirming the find. 20-1 ROI exit strategy trading back 49% of our LLC paid in unregistered re-refined 95% assayed gold bullion from the find and additional perks.  Now offering $60M in gold for a successful referral. Thanks for your future interest in this one of a kind opportunity.  

 M. D. King
719 741  6397
[email protected]
Please text ahead of a call. After lunch mountain time is good for me.



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