Ringbolt Capital

About Ringbolt Capital

Ringbolt Capital is made up of seasoned investors and experienced entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds who collaborate with our partners to foster innovative ideas into successful businesses. Our unique foundational deployment strategy allows early-stage businesses to scale quickly and drive sales growth. We understand the importance of sales and marketing in the growth strategy for any company. As accomplished marketing and sales executives, we know how to drive growth through a multi-channel marketing strategy. This uniquely positions Ringbolt in the growth capital market and provides a distinct advantage to our partner companies. At Ringbolt Capital we take a holistic approach to investing. All our target partners have one commonality, the opportunity to scale. Our experience as operators allowed us to gain critical expertise scaling businesses in the public and private sectors. Unlike traditional venture capital, we have executed what we are investing in and understand our executive team partners’ challenges.
  • Srikanth Ramachandran, Co-Founder