Private Access Network

About Private Access Network

Private Access Network helps discerning investors profit and entrepreneurs thrive through meaningful investments in private companies. It invests in high-quality private deals, provides convenient access to its members through special purpose vehicles, and engages its network through the entire process. We invest our own money in every deal we present to our members. We are principals – never brokers. This fundamental construct makes sure that our interests are aligned with your interests – making profitable investments. Every year, we look at hundreds of deals. Almost all of these deals are referred to us by someone in our network or accessed through our research and outreach – we rarely accept cold calls from what may be struggling or even desperate companies. From this deal flow, we choose only those deals for which the likelihood and potential magnitude of success create superior investment dynamics – simply put, we look for situations where our judgment says the probability of dramatic success far outweighs the risk of losing money. We primarily look for technology and technology-enabled companies with the following characteristics: -Large market opportunities -Skilled, candid leaders/teams who know the problems of their target customers -Business traction is defined as meaningful, growing customer validation -Growth strategies and business models that make sense -The attractive and apparent market for exit events and outsized returns
  • Scott Schedler, Managing Director