MedTech Actuator

About MedTech Actuator

We have established a new global standard for accelerating the commercialization of medical technology. Our program is designed to facilitate the quick transformation of new ideas into solutions that revolutionize healthcare across the world. Our MedTech startups are able to move from the Seed stage to Series A in just 15 months by leveraging their creative talent, utilizing disruptive financial models, and drawing on comprehensive domain expertise. We also prioritize leadership development to create a new generation of advanced technology entrepreneurs. Our program features multiple capital injection points as startups reach key milestones, and is closely linked to startup pathways worldwide. We are driven by industry leadership and investor connectivity, with a focus on transforming healthcare and driving innovation for the future. Our goal is to cut through the noise and concentrate on what truly matters for the future of healthcare.
  • Maria Pelipas, Head of Programs