Martin Ventures

About Martin Ventures

We focus on Growth Stage and De Novo ventures to invest (or-co-invest) our capital, operational expertise and time to ensure that the companies that should succeed, indeed do succeed. Our screening criteria for Growth stage companies include the following: -At least $2 million of annual recurring revenue (ARR) -50% growth year over year -Healthcare technology-enabled services and SaaS-based businesses that do not require FDA or regulatory approval (we don't invest in devices, pharma, or biotech) -A reasonable valuation that is justified by revenue or market multiples We believe there is a boundless opportunity in applying integrative approaches that simultaneously improve care, improve health and reduce the cost of healthcare. Our team has extensive experience in operating and building hospitals and hospital systems, and in dramatically improving quality, safety, and the patient experience. We are looking to invest in entrepreneurs who share our vision of improving the health of individuals and populations through innovative healthcare technologies and services. We are uniquely positioned at the intersection of Healthcare and Technology and look to build and invest in companies that can meaningfully affect at least one of the following opportunities: -Optimize Existing Healthcare Providers by helping hospitals, physicians and nurses to reduce costs, increase revenues, and gain new efficiencies -Innovate New Models of Care which ensure that care is delivered consistently in the most clinically-effective, cost-effective venue of care, which may range from hospital to home -Empower the Healthcare Consumer to be more informed and engaged in the control of their health and wellness
  • Charles N. Martin, Jr., Founder, Chairman, and Investment Committee