Kin Group

About Kin Group

Kin Group is an Australian investment office that offers global growth opportunities across various industries. Founded in 2014, Kin Group has a passion for investing in the themes that will shape the next century, such as manufacturing, FMCG, financial markets, technology, and real estate. With a 100-year vision, Kin Group supports entrepreneurs with resources and value-added services that help them scale their businesses and create generational impact. Kin Group has offices in Melbourne and New York, covering APAC, the Americas, and the EU markets. They have a diverse portfolio of wholly-owned operating businesses and co-investments with partners they believe in. Some of their investments include Bella Acton, a beauty brand that empowers women to express themselves, and Phasellus, a biotech company that develops innovative solutions for health and wellness. Kin Group is always on the lookout for new industries and opportunities to help them fulfill their 100-year vision of growth. They seek to be investors of choice by providing multiplying advantages to their investments over capital alone. They are committed to modernizing global FMCG and packaging manufacturing, investing in cutting-edge technology, and exploring new horizons
  • Fiona Geminder, Co-Founder