Clayton Associates

About Clayton Associates

CLAYTON ASSOCIATES IS AN INVESTMENT FIRM THAT IS PASSIONATE ABOUT BUILDING BUSINESSES. WE MAKE SEED, ANGEL, AND VENTURE STAGE INVESTMENTS IN HEALTHCARE AND TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES. Clayton Associates is an investment firm founded in 1996 by R. Clayton McWhorter, former founder of HealthTrust, Inc. and Chairman of Hospital Corporation of America (NYSE:HCA). The firm has built on its extensive operating experience and relationships to partner with entrepreneurs and help build successful businesses. Clayton Associates makes seed, angel, and venture stage investments in healthcare IT and technology companies. The firm makes seed investments through Bullpen Ventures, with investment sizes of $25K to $75K, to help companies get off the ground. Clayton Associates has two angel funds: Rolling Hills Ventures, which makes $500K to $1.5mm investments in companies beginning to gain traction, and Resolute Venture Partners, based out of Houston, TX. The venture capital manager of Clayton Associates, FCA Venture Partners, has managed five funds: exited funds FCA I and FCA II, and active funds FCA III, FCA IV, FCA V, and FCA VI. FCA invests $2mm to $6mm in companies with experienced management teams who are implementing proven business models that have well-defined exit strategies. Since inception, Clayton Associates, FCA Venture Partners, and affiliates have invested in over 100 companies, representing greater than $7B in annualized revenue and the creation of over 20,000 jobs.
  • Andrew Bouldin, Partner