Claritas Capital

About Claritas Capital

OUR APPROACH AND STORY Partnering for Performance means we need to perform for our clients, perform for our entrepreneurs and management teams, and perform as a firm for all of our own partners and employees; and it serves as a reminder that partnering is in our DNA, it is how we have built the firm since 2002, it’s how we are generating solid performance, and it needs to serve as a core measure of what future efforts and endeavors we take on. Our overall approach is to be partners with our management teams, to provide value to them, to assist in their growth and success, and to drive investment returns from these efforts for our clients. As a firm, we focus on sourcing the highest quality investment opportunities, and following our investment providing those companies and management teams with value creation services from building our management teams, accessing new customers, assisting with acquisitions, developing financing strategies, reviewing strategy and business model improvements, and execution on exit opportunities. When we founded Claritas Capital in 2002, our goal was to create a premier investment firm which could serve our entrepreneurs and management partners and also serve our clients. We came out of the two leading venture and private equity firms in the South in the 1980s and 1990s; Massey Burch and Richland Ventures invested in over 130 companies during their tenures, including WebMD, Oxford Health Plans, AOL, @Plan, Regal Cinemas, Premier Parks (became Six Flags), Corrections Corporation of America, Phycor, PMT Services, Symbion, and Surgical Care Affiliates. These companies and many more brought innovation to existing industries, and in several instances led the way in whole new industries. We did this from Nashville, with many of these companies based in or touching Nashville operationally. Claritas is based in Nashville, and is committed to serving our home city as well as other strong entrepreneurial markets we have historically served such as Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston and Washington, DC. As entreprenuers ourselves, we have looked for innovative ways we can serve our companies and our clients. We started equity investing, and since have successfully launched debt investing and real estate investing. Our equity group has made 49 investments since 2002, with a number of repeat opportunities from our prior firms and from Claritas, and are positioned as one of the larger venture and private equity investors in the South. We launched our debt group in the midst of the Great Recession and raised two funds under the Claritas banner in 2009 and 2012 and then spun out in 2013 as a separate company, now called Capital Alignment Partners. And we launched our real estate group in 2011 and now provide two distinct financing solutions for the market: credit tenant financing focused on national opportunities with partner development companies, and private equity and debt investing in Middle Tennessee opportunities.