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Raising $25K for futures trading at LeelooTrading, using software that manages risk with an inverse synergy of drawdown.

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The LeelooTrading's "trader funding program" is an incredible way to use leverage without risking one's own capital. The downside is limited to $675 for $300K of buying power, which translates into potentially a 10 to 1 ROI on a monthly basis. What's the catch? Passing the qualification criteria requires about three months while paying $675/month in subscription per account.

I've developed software to target the necessary requirements, especially keeping drawdown under control. My vision is to trade four accounts, each subsequent account enters trade positions with diminished risk. Thus, if Account 1 has a 50/50 chance, but fails the profit target, Account 2 has a theoretically higher chance at 66% . Likewise, Account 3 would have an 80% chance of success,  and Account 4 at 90%-plus chance. Sometimes all accounts may profit, which will be a huge return on investment. The attractiveness of my plan of action is that even if only one account turned profit (expected at $8k/month) that would still be 2x ROI in the first semester.

1. My young company needs working capital and to cover additional development costs to strengthen software and hardware capabilities.
2. The LeelooTrading program should be done with sufficient cash in hand to tap this resource with an extended view of time beyond the first month (about 3 months before seeing the first payout). That means paying $675 x4 accounts per month, plus server cost.

Website launched and test pilot of software version1 underway by 10 paying customers.
Website launched and test pilot of software version1 underway by 10 paying customers.

Currently one-man operation, outsourcing code development.

50/50 split of profits on LeelooTrading payout. Hypothetical scenario:
Months 1-2: Building up accounts to qualification, which means $20k profit in paper trading per account (keeping trailing drawdown under $7,500).
Month 3: Profit of $8,000 real money trading per account.
Month 4: First payout based on performance of month 3.
Month 5: Second payout based on performance of month 4. And so forth.

Hypothetical payout Month 4:
Account 1: $8,000
Account 2: $8,000
Account 3: $8,000
Account 4: $8,000

Even if one account per month generated qualified payout, the return on investment will be positive.

Limited and strictly defined downside risk of loss while maintaining a lucrative upside potential.



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