Zen Share RideShare & Technologies Ltd

Private transportation Uber and Lyft clone start up. We are looking for 50k min to 500k just to get everything going for ads permits and general start up costs.

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We are a start-up RideShare service like Uber and Lyft. But offer cheaper rates and higher commissions. In a time when prices are high we will be cheaper than uber and others and traditional taxis. We will be offering higher commission than uber and others as well. We have 5 year projections based on 50,000 rides a month and the average being $10 per fare. Uber started in Ottawa and was getting 150,000 rides per month booked, so it's not unreasonable with ads to assume 50,000 rides booked a month. If done right, it's not impossible to be making over 6.2 million a  year before deductions and pay. We have a detailed hypothetical projection based on 50,000 rides a month and an average of $10 a ride, and a business plan written out. We are a small family company looking to get this idea off the ground . Link to our business plan https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zcI4Diupu7JH8D3U9wJNBCGlN2BJTcK6/view?usp=sharing and links to our 5-year hypothetical, but reasonable, with the right amount of ads  being a start-up projection.
We are currently almost done securing an insurance policy, which was a task and a half in itself, but our dedication has almost paid off with that task which was not easy at all to obtain. We would like to be open by the end of April. We have apps and websites all set up https://zen-share.com We are looking for 50k-500k so we could from the start expand to other cities and be making applications to get permits in other cities from the start and run ads and have funds for any starting up fee unexpected and not and hiring customer support for booking rides which will be needed . So we're looking for a bit of working capital to get this company seeing profit and a long lasting life in service for years to come. Eventually we plan on going global if chance presents itself.

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