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Zapa Drip™ seeks an Angel Investor at $1M for 15% to manufacture & advertise globally. We offer the 1st patent protected solution for condensation & hot drips on all drink cups!

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Business Plan Summary - Beverage Global, LLC & Zapa Drip™

***Please note, for our full and complete 25-page business plan and PowerPoint Pitch Deck please request via email:  [email protected] 

  •    Formed on July 26th, 2022, Beverage Global, LLC introduces Zapa Drip™ as the world's first moisture absorption product for condensation and hot drips on any drink cup solving a daily annoyance that pertains to the majority of the world's population. Tony Bost and William (Samm) Brown II serve as the primary Managers and the funds will be used for Beverage Global, LLC a Company formed and registered in the State of Texas, USA. Our business has two revenue stream focuses which are global e-Commerce sales and wholesale to the fast-food chain industry.

  •    Our slogan is: For every cup, every size, hot or cold™ which fits the dynamic of whole impactful our solution is to the problem we have solved. Users can easily slip a Zapa Drip™ onto a hot drink cup of any size to absorb the painful, staining drips that often leak from underneath the lids. Zapa Drip works the same way on all iced drinks of any size to also absorb the frustrating condensation! We aim to market and advertise Zapa Drip to serve hundreds of millions of people with a product that pertains to literally billions of people each day. Zapa Drip is washable, reusable and we are the exclusive  owner of both the Utility and Design Patents. Beverage Global adopted its name based on solving a global hassle among billions of people on a daily basis. Who likes messy condensation on their drink cup, or hot drips from cups with bad lids? Honestly, nobody on planet Earth does. This is why we developed Zapa Drip™ for both retail (brick and mortar / online sales) and the food and beverage industry consisting of all restaurant and fast-food chains nationwide and internationally. We have more than 10 overseas mass-manufacturers who are ready for production along with streamlined distribution channels based on our ultra-lightweight and compact product. Believe it or not, there are more than 400 million drinks sold every day in America alone, day after day. Our goal is to start in America, Mexico and Canada from which we will then expand sales globally.  This business model and product has more reach and scalability than almost any modern product for several reasons. We have the potential to earn $50M - $100M+ in revenue based on our research and development for upscaling rapidly, but we will start small and keep our goals on building the business like any other. We have professionally developed the product and people love testing our samples and are absolutely wowed. Unlike many new products, Zapa Drip™ is simple, stylish and highly satisfying!

  •    Our two revenue streams are  direct-to-consumer retail sales with our 3-Packs and bulk sales with our 1,000-Ct boxes for wholesale (non-taxable) sales to fast-food chains. The avg. projected net profit margin for our 3-Packs is above 70% which is outstanding and allows for faster financial building growth per sale. The production cost is so small per unit that when compared to the consumer accepted $9.96 price point. This price range is a typical consumer friendly rate based on the value in exchange. For the first time ever, consumers can now buy a 3-Pack to use at home or on the go to reduce the hassle of cup condensation and hot drips from now on. Again, we own 100% of the market share worldwide with zero competitors and the market size in North America alone is 500,000,000+ potential customers for our product type. TikTok is extremely affordable for mass-marketing new products so we will advertise on TikTok with our specific in-house list of 15 influencers who have a strong ratio of followers to viewer conversions. Additionally, we will make use of other channels such as Snapchat Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Taboola Ads and others to quickly spread the word and gain exposure. We expect to convert 1% - 3.9% of our viewers as buyers knowing that this type of product could honestly result in a dramatically higher conversion rate of viewers to buyers / sales. Our goal for wholesaling the Zapa Drip™ units to fast-food chains is to offer them at such a low price that the restaurants can absorb the cost into their menu-pricing even if they wish to raise the price by $0.10 - $0.19 cents. The vast benefits provided to fast-food chains are almost unmeasurable being that we will print / label their brand names on every absorption band for their company's drink cups to customers. This will generate word-out-mouth sales, brand reputation increase, increased customer satisfaction, overall annual revenue and major press/news for each fast-food chain who wishes to stand out and expand.

  •    Our product absorbs an amazing amount of condensation and hot fluids saving on napkins which ultimately saves trees! You no longer have to walk around with a handful of napkins when instead you can keep a Zapa Drip™ close and handy for using on any cup, any size, hot or cold all day long! Zapa Drip™ will last customers a lifetime until they throw them away (accidentally) or lose them, in which case, they'll surely go buy another 3-Pack! We will sell primarily on along with other sites with our key focus on shipping product via air freight overseas from China to North American (Amazon) FBA Warehouses. Our wholesale units will ship straight from the manufacturers to the centralized distribution hubs for the fast-food chains. Beverage Global currently has a small team consisting of Tony Bost, Founder and CEO, Samm Brown, CCO and Managing Member and 14 Independent Sales Contractors who have connections with key brands among various restaurant chains with the goal to contract and earn purchase orders month-to-month through the Restaurant HQs.  We will maintain the necessary level of product liability insurance and legal representation with our multiple attorneys. The manufacturers are willing to sign NNNs (and NDAs) but these aren't even necessary based on our go-to market strategy and professional business plan to launch quickly, establish branding and defend out patents in many unique ways. We will consistently run Press Releases across food and beverage networks and Google News, etc. which will provide us with deeply rooted acknowledgements and ownership recognition. Likewise, our patents will be enforced by legal counsel with a cease and desist if any attempts are fraudulently made. We will also have competing products removed from any online website vendors (that our team will monitor) via the policy department of intellectual property infringement rights and protection for businesses.

  •    Our primary focus is based on launching strategically and doing so quickly as we know nobody likes messy cup condensation or hot drinks leaking hot drips on them so it's really just a common sense sort of thing that we're motivated to mass-manufacturer and begin marketing on social media platforms. Our exit strategy is to expand our team, build our sales and become acquired later for 3 - 7 times the value of our revenue and intellectual property. The odds are very high and favorable as we are the first to reach the market with a great product that people are ready to buy. 

  •    We are seeking private equity partners who may have a network of relationships with fast-food chains and the ability to help brands grow within retail and industrial sectors helping to fast-track the growth of our product and Company. We have the chance to captivate the entire world as a consumer base that very few companies get to pursue without competition. Zapa Drip™ is not limited geographically, seasonally or even by a niche trend because this product is a solution to an everyday problem that has existed since the first cup was made for a hot or cold beverage. To clarify, Zapa Drip™ is not a cardboard sleeve or a large foam koozie with limited applications. Zapa Drip™ a revolutionary elastic absorption band that literally works on Every Cup, Every Size Hot or Cold™ to absorb fluids on exterior of any beverage cup in the world hot or cold; preventing messes and frustration.  We are seeking $1M in return for 15% on exit. We seek your help to connect our product to every person who holds a cup in their hands to grow a global brand together here at Beverage Global, LLC.  P: 1-888-321-ZAPA (9272)  Thank you for your time and consideration!


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