Yeshua Systems

Raising 10M+ for Investment Opportunity in Augmented Reality Startup for Learning along with AI

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  1. Define your business in one sentence.
    Yeshua Systems: Seeks to help our community using our company's passions to find and develop new ways of doing. 
  2. Identify Your Market Size
    Last year there were over 15.3M students in America and last year people spent on average $28k a year going to private institutions with this 17.9 million students were enrolled in college courses.
  3. Showcase Market Growth
    The education industry is 1.57 trillion U.S. dollars
  4. How are You Going to Monetize It
    We are going to sell the hardware along with a subscription-based services 
  5. Showcase Traction (what you’ve done so far)
    We've gathered an excellent team and reached out to others who would be interested in this product along with business leaders
  6. Team Highlights - Highlight Team Experience
    Our founder started this company because they could not find quality needed help in schooling along with seeing it in our community.

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