Yenos Analytical LLC

Raising $5 Mil to expand company and roll out a blood/urine "well-ness" test for asymptomatic individuals

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Yenos Analytical LLC ( has developed and validated a "well-ness" diagnostic test based on microRNA cancer biomarkers. The test is done using a small amount of blood or urine. We have 2 US granted patents in 2022, and a number of publications to show how the test differentiates healthy from cancer-diagnosed individuals. We are raising $ 5 Mil funding to expand the company, hire technicians, test additional samples from blood banks, talk to the FDA, and roll out the test to the community. The test is more accurate than the circulating tumor (ctDNA) test, and  it doesn't require the presence of tumors. So far we have tested  blood samples from healthy individuals and newly diagnosed prostate, pancreatic and breast cancer patients and plan to test for additional cancers and other diseases. The science behind the test is 30 years old, proven with over 150,000 peer-reviewed publications. We developed/validated a novel technology that is more accurate than the PCR-based assays that others use. The test is very simple and could be run at a Point-of-Care facility. We are a text book example of the "0 to 1" approach,  and we practically have no competitors.

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