Raising $500k to launch A social media app.

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YayWay.  The Value Driven Digital Communications Platform.  Your Way.

Anyone Media Network, Inc. presents YayWay, a value driven communications  platform, designed for the maximum benefit of influencers. Influencers – singers, actors, teachers, chefs, artists, photographers, and countless others – use social media platforms to share and monetize their work. On existing social media platforms, influencers encounter difficulties.  YayWay addresses and eliminates these difficulties. 

  Problem One:  Influencers' identities are often stolen. YayWay's founder, Charles Simmons, a performing artist, had this happen to him. He envisioned a new social media platform where an influencer's identity would be ensured. o Solution:  To protect against identity theft, Yayway has a system to thoroughly vet our influencers to guarantee that our users are dealing with the true influencer.
 Problem Two:  Existing platforms may censor its influencers and deny the influencer’s constitutional rights if their views disagree with the platform's positions. o Solution:  YayWay vigorously upholds everyone's freedom of expression and freedom to profit.
 Problem Three:  Other social media sites have limited opportunities for influencers to make money. YayWay has three unique ways of increasing an influencer's income:

Solution:  Through our thirty-four categories, influencers and advertisers may select among many categories (some examples are food, entertainment, sports) as means of sharing their content. 
Solution:  YayWay’s Backlink Share feature enables influencers to send their content to other social media sites (for example, lnstagram, Facebook, Pinterest) without having to leave the YayWay app. This feature gives influencers faster and greater exposure, thereby generating more income streams.
Solution:  Yayway offers an additional benefit to influencers, its Influencer Support Team, consisting of advisors and a library of materials. |  

Our Leadership Team

 Charles Simmons Founder & Chief Executive Officer |  Jonas Hunter Chief Operations Officer
  Brian Capezzone Chief Information Officer |  
The Offer

YayWay is currently offering accredited investors a $500,000 convertible one year note that bears ten percent (10%) interest per annum.  The note will convert into our next offering at a fifteen percent (15%) discount per share. 

For more information about the offer, please contact Charles Simmons at (424) 542-4818 or [email protected]

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