Think Pinterest, but for referrals and recommendations. “The Best Finds From Your Best Friends.” We are building The Referral Network.

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Think Pinterest, but for recommendations. “The Best Finds From Your Best Friends.” 

Forbes calls referrals from friends “The Holy Grail of Marketing.” Now there’s a platform for that. 

Yaystack unlocks invaluable referrals from point-of-sale for businesses. 

Reviews = old way (stranger danger, negative, etc.). 

Recommendations = new way (trustworthy and always positive). 

We are mission-driven: to make the world a more positive place. 

We are on the verge of monetizing and have a tremendous list of influential shareholders AKA “Yayngels” and a powerful YayTeam. 

See our information at yayngel.com (password YAYS4DAYS). 

For accredited investors only. 

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