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Raising $10k to get my food truck street ready.

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Thank you for taking an interest in our company!

We're Xtreme Cheesecakez, a Cheesecake business that delivers the deliciousness to your door! Our cheesecakes come in unique flavors and fun forms such as donuts, parfaits, cones and as traditional cakes.   We are bringing a new look to the world of cheesecake with out of the box versions of a classic dessert that’s a slice above the rest and at an affordable price. Our service of bringing the cake to the customer, steps into the world of meeting the people where they are both literally and figuratively with the advancements of the times and food delivery. To increase our mobility and expand our reach of customers, we are planning to purchase a food truck. The benefits to having a food truck will additionally allow us to increase the amount of product we are able to bring to each event, provide more opportunities to expand our menu(possibly providing entrées), and drastically decrease set-up times which would enable us to do more than one pop-up in a day. 
  • The Goal:
    Currently, we operate out of a high end custom food tent. The bright vibrant colors and logo work make it stand out in any setting, drawing customers in. It takes an average of one hour to set-up the tent and all the supplies needed to serve within SC DHEC regulations. Breakdown takes the same amount of time and if we factor in the initial 30+ minutes of loading the vehicle to transport to the venue, that’s 2 ½ to 3 hours. For full day or weekend festivals this time balances out, however for 2-3 hour events, not so much. This limits us to being able to only do one pop-up a day as the windows of time from an afternoon to an evening event would overlap with our breakdown, restock, set-up time. Additionally, we are limited in the amount of product we can have on site while maintaining appropriate holding temperatures for our products. Attaining a food truck would be a tremendous bump in productivity and allow us to increase the size of our team and triple the number of events we can do in one day. I currently contract out staff when I need assistance for bigger festivals but those can sometimes be few and far in between. By increasing the event opportunities with the addition of a food truck I can build that consistent need and offer part time/full time positions. Our truck would be able to handle the midday crowd and evening rush in two separate locations while our tent can be set-up for a longer event or festival, thus requiring additonal personnel on hand. The truck would also serve as restock for the tented setup being able to bring more product easier since the truck would already have it pre-loaded and refrigerated. 

  • Growth:
    We have seen tremendous growth in our quarterly performances since I shifted to making this my full time career this March. Our Q2 performance this year almost tripled that of last year and passed our 2022 Q4 numbers, our busiest most profitable quarter obviously because of the holidays. With being currently halfway through August, I am confident we will triple this year's Q2 high performance as we have already surpassed it! Our performance has put us in great shape leading up to the foruth quarter. We are averaging about 12 events a month to gain exposure and strenghten our following, all trending up for our biggest quarter to date. With an increase in events on our calendar and fantastic website images, our popularity is growing to a point of being recognized and sought after, especially with our recent appearance on Fox Carolina’s Food Truck Friday segment where we gained over 4.5K views. Increasing mobility and expanding our force is the next necessary step in building this company and continuing this successful path.

We are Xtremely hopeful about this opportunity and we would love to share more with you about our company and story. Thank you for your consideration! 

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