Xclusive Muscle & Fitness Club Inc.

High end culture of being active & healthy utilizing the latest trends integrated with A.I.

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I am seeking an investment of $1,500,000 for a 49% shareholder stake until their investment stake is doubled within 5-years. Once the initial investment commitment has been fulfilled by Xclusive Muscle & Fitness Club inc, the shareholder percentage is reduced to 10%. The funds raised from this investment will be used for essential expenses such as rent deposits, legal fees, renovations, staffing, equipment, and marketing. By securing these funds, Xclusive Muscle & Fitness Club Inc. will be able to establish a strong foundation for growth and achieve overall success.

In addition to seeking investor partnerships, we are also exploring opportunities for business grants. These grants will provide us with additional liquidity, allowing us to further support the expansion and development of our business. By leveraging both investor partnerships and grants, our goal is to maximize our available resources and create a thriving fitness environment for our valued members.

Based on market research, our 15,000 - 20,000 square foot gym can accommodate over 2,000 members per month with pricing ranging from $50-$80 per customer and a $50 activation fee. Projections show that in the first year, with 2,000 loyal members, we can expect $2 million in revenue & $1 million in profit. In the second year, membership is projected to grow to 3,000, resulting in $3.5 million in revenue & $2.5 million in profit. Our gym is expected to be profitable by Q2 of the second year. All key performance indicators will be monitored, such as revenue growth vs expense, revenue per client, profit margin, usage rate, client retention & customer acquisition cost, customer satisfaction, churn rate.

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