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Raising 1 million dollars to produce 5000 gaming controllers for the PC

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Typing on a keyboard to play FPS/Shooter games is Old School and the learning curve is very lengthy and difficult so as a gamer of 35 +years and a product designer I spent over 5 years designing a new type of controller called a "Motion Controller" that eliminates the need to learn to type to play PC shooter games.
My company has created a Real Time, Next Gen, Video Game Controller for the PC called the "ALT" Avatar Motion Controller.
I have also created a Brand for this device and others that I have several protypes of and the brand name is "PLA"

The website is PLALABS.com

There you will see the the "ALT" controller ,it is a real time FPS/Shooter gaming device.
You can see me using the controller to briefly demonstrate it by playing half a dozen video Shooter games.
You will also see the extremely powerful and customizable software driver videos.
The "ALT" controller is more realistic and easier to use than learning to type to play on a keyboard and even features an Analog/Digital Steering Wheel!

It allows the user to play  using a mouse to aim unlike playing with a console controller which is the only other way to play without typing.
There are 3+ billion gamers approximately 48% or 1.5 Billion are PC gamers and over 1/3 of them 600+ million play FPS/Shooter games.
In low quantities, thousands, the profit is over 100 dollars on each controller and could be 2x that if made in China.

I have been making video gaming peripherals since 1980 and have sold my last computer device called the Mouse Bungee to Razer in Singapore.
I was also hired and worked for them after they bought my Mouse Bungee which has been on sale since 1994!

We had an article about the controller on PCGAMERSN and without even a product review we pre-sold almost 50k worth of controllers.
We also had several conference calls with Hyper-X /Hewlett Packard as they were very interested in buying it from us but it did not come to fruition.

I would also consider selling the company and all of the products if that is something you might be interested in however that would be a separate discussion.
The million dollars would be to produce the first 5000 controllers at $150.00 each  = $750k and the other 250K would be for Marketing/Advertising and to apply for FCC ad UL approvals which will cost about 25K for the controller.
Thank you for your time! 

Ed Larkin


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