Wound Care Solutions, LLC

Raising $5 Million for entering U.S. market with a market disruptor hydro-mechanical irrigation chronic wound debridement medical device.

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We are a global OEM for a Class I Medical Device, PULSAR II which is a Hydro-Mechanical Irrigation Debridement treatment tool. We sell in 52 countries and are requesting fundings for U.S. market entry.
After a decade of global field research treating the most critical chronic wound cases documenting clinical case studies of improved chronic wound healing outcomes with the use of pulsing irrigation debridement treatment, Wound Care Solutions is ready to enter the U.S. market. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas where Type II diabetes induced chronic wounds are in epidemic numbers, Wound Care Solutions plans to introduce PULSAR II, a hydro-mechanical irrigation debridement handheld medical device to wound care providers. Packaged in either a torso or extremity kit, PULSAR II kits provide 3 patient treatments per kit. This dynamic allows PULSAR II to be priced far below Medicare reimbursement formulas, CPT codes 97597 and 97598.
Wound Care Solutions is entering the U.S. market using a B2B and B2C strategic execution involving a national sales force and using E-commerce (Amazon and Shopify). Wound Care Solutions has installed a global supply chain, fulfillment, and warehousing infrastructure to delivery product around the globe. (https://woundcs.com/pulsar/)

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