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Start-up seeks $3 million but invites investors with as little as $100k

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After 25 years of work, a great deal of research, and $3+ million already invested over that time period in our start-up, we have an incredible production studio and we are now ready to fly. This new first investment will enable us to immediately start producing the first two 45 minute IMAX episodes of THE STORY OF MUSIC with celebrities in Europe. These episodes will introduce the first 2 Seasons of 12 one-hour time-slot episodes per season. They will be edited together as a 90 minute Series Pilot Feature that will premiere at the remarkable new Cannes IMAX theater during the Cannes Film Festival. These first 2 Seasons could likely lead to many more partnerships for our series THE STORY OF MUSIC.
Hollywood studios usually create an intriguing 2-minute trailer to announce, advertise and promote their upcoming feature movie. We will continue to produce our two Seasons of episodes for THE STORY OF MUSIC in different worldwide cities with celebrities doing something that no other motion picture production company has ever dared to do. With additional investments we will build our audience by creating serialized episodes that will entertain, explain, promote, and teach viewers why they might want to see our 8k resolution IMAX 3D Historical True Epic Romantic Drama feature, "LISZT AND CHOPIN IN PARIS".  
We intend to use streamr network to push social media blockchain marketing TO THE LIMIT pre-promoting, publicizing and advertising our upcoming feature to save us $100 million in advertising costs. We believe that this should guarantee the world's first $4-5 billion feature movie. How can anyone DARE TO MAKE such an incredible statement?

With meetings at the Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals in 2019 before the pandemic, reading the first ten pages to find out if a script has a "hook" and then reading the synopsis, our feature was always compared to AMADEUS, the Best Movie of the Year that swept and ruled the Oscars in 1985.  As a result, $.7 billion gross was projected in America and $1 billion projected in the rest of the world, but we later learned that this figure totally ignored China.

With a previous agreement from China Film Group to fund "LISZT AND CHOPIN IN PARIS", we could not help but wonder, "Why was China so interested in funding a European movie?" After investigating, we learned that China was not only building 80-90% of the world's pianos (1/3 million every year since  early in this century), it was also exporting many of its thousands of great pianists. One concert  virtuoso pianist, Lang Lang, has won international acclaim while a teenager and his expressiveness and charisma have made him one of the most sought-after performers in the early 21st century. He is a passionate advocate of music education with millions of fans world-wide and he has played for former President Obama, Pope Francis, and Queen Elizabeth II. At age 39, he has  earned well over $30 million.

It turns out that rock and roll with loud music and smashing guitars is not readily acceptable on mainland China but number of Chinese orchestras has gone from 32 to almost a hundred today during the last decade with Western Classical Music leading the way. The Chinese "rock stars" are all pianists and there are always 50 million students in China learning to play the piano. We did the numbers three times and with two parents each and four grandparents each, if half the present student pianists in China and half their families attended the movie "LISZT AND CHOPIN IN PARIS" about the world's two greatest pianists, it could gross almost $1 billion just in China. This would leave more than another one billion Chinese who might want to see the movie and if only 3% saw it, this could represent almost another $1/3 billion added to the gross.

But, at Hunter Video in New York City,  even badly dubbed VHS movies sold 2-5 times better and well-dubbed Chinese VHS movies (bad dubbing was cheap; anything else was very expensive at that time) usually sold 7 to 10 times better than subtitled movies. We have reason to believe that if a really good dubbed version was available in China, we could see 20-30% more viewership in that country, so we are aggressively exploring this option. We have learned that with computer technology frame by frame editing today, great dubbing can be achieved at a lot lower cost than ever before.

Don't be fooled by the TITLE of our movie. We were producing the true story of music that started during the aftermath of the French Revolution in the Romantic Era. This was the age that saw all the famous Nobles, Clergy, Kings, Queens, and even the Popes swept away as the common man, musicians and artists became more famous than all of them. We will require additional funds to keep going and tens of millions to show agents that we are real and allow them to have their client actors read the script and join our cast.

Now, the pandemic quarantine and isolation has changed everything. My partner, CEO John Mark, creator/writer and director called me one day and notified me that he had rewritten the first 15 pages of his screenplay. Starting with the French Revolution and leading to Napoleon's armies marching across Europe on their way to Moscow, people reading the first ten pages and then the synopsis of the script were soon comparing the movie to "GONE WITH THE WIND". Nothing like this has ever been done before and our Historical Epic Romantic Drama has been transformed and now become the "GONE WITH THE WIND" of Europe.
Add to this our realization that many regular theaters have not survived the Virus and with streaming video going directly to homes and screens of all sizes down to cell phones. We believe the incredible new IMAX multi-plex theaters now being built in many countries will be the destinations where young people and families will want to experience future movies and as a result, they will survive. We have identified and settled on using what will become the best worldwide streaming distribution service in the world during 2022 (with distribution to China) and we are happily signing to be part of this largest network so we might receive 70% of the return on our movies and television shows.
We are also developing our own banking system and website ( launching in early-mid 2022) to facilitate production with smart contracts that will guarantee revenue sharing with all our investors and patrons not only for our projects but for all those who want to travel with us. We have been on a 25 year journey and Blockchain connected to cell phone wallets will soon be the future of money and payments.
If our projects appeals to you and/or your firm, please contact me so I can supply you with our detailed World Film Group LLC Business Plan that should answer any and all questions you might have.

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