Raising capital to form a talented team to build an online platform for mentors to connect with students anywhere, anytime.

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Hello. My name is Riley Tomita founder & CEO of WORKU. 

WORKU (work university) is an online subscription based platform that connects students with mentors, influencers, teachers, and coaches to learn in a community build around a specific niche.

E-learning is beginning to become a staple in conventional education, solely because of the impact social media has made on our workforce and economy. With systematic issues looming in the college system our goal is to create an affordable alternative that people can turn to, while still being able to obtain a valuable education. Obtaining knowledge has become scarce as you may only learn from the product of your environment (school, college, local community’s, etc.)
WORKU connects people from different states and countries to learn and choose who they learn from. My goal is to provide opportunity to anyone willing to work for it. Whether it comes from location or financial reasons, individuals are being cut short of their true potential, opportunity should be available to anyone. And I believe education does that.

Our goal is to become the hub for online learning, a place where people gather to learn and teach. Based off of user interest they will be placed in communities surrounded by people who share their interest in the specific niche. Users will have access to live chats, courses, videos and presentations, live streams, and more.

With both a free and paid subscription we will allow users to decide how committed they want to be when it comes to obtaining knowledge. And with affordability being everything, my goal is to create a competitive marketplace where mentors, teachers and coaches have to adapt with competitors monthly subscription cost. 

To expand on the affordability side, individuals who are running a teaching method will have an all inclusive way to operate their community. Currently, mentors are running into too many operating costs to run their courses. We want to provide all the tools necessary for their students to get an effective experience. In this case attracting online mentors and to-be online mentors is the main goal, the last thing we want to do is change how they operate, all we are simply doing is putting them on the same platform.

Andrew Herrera, founder & ceo of dollar sign empire (Instagram: @dollarsignempire TikTok: @dollarsignempire) will shift content to represent the WORKU brand and values. While we begin to unravel our startup operations we will have a recognizable brand and supportive community. 

Our main sources of income will be from subscription costs from mentors (5-15% per month). As well as ad spend and  promotion costs for mentors to gain exposure through WORKU services. 

1 mentor with 25,000 paid subscribers
monthly subscription: $25/month
monthly return (mentor): 625,000
monthly return 5% (WORKU): 31,250
monthly return 10% (WORKU): 62,500
monthly return 15% (WORKU): 93,750

1 mentor with 5,000 paid subscribers
monthly subscription: $15/month
monthly return (mentor): 75,000
monthly return 5% (WORKU): 3,750
monthly return 10% (WORKU): 7,500
monthly return 15% (WORKU): 11,250

Why will this work?

We want to dominate traffic and mentors who use the site will be able to access a market with constant volume . Becoming a successful online mentor is very competitive and mentors will have to choose if it’s worth bringing their operations onto the WORKU platform in exchange for 5-15% so they can access a plethora of users interest in learning and taking a course. Or if they believe they can still operate without using the WORKU platform, all while trying to compete with their competition (mentors in similar industry) who are users on the WORKU interface.

The ball is in your court. Do you see the future of online education? 

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