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Raising $ 500,000.00 to finish Gluteal Absorbent Pad design/packaging/marketing to bring to market.

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I am a OB/GYN physician cosmetic surgeon with 25 years experience. IGAPP( Intergluteal Absorbent Protection Pad) is my product . I am working with Andesign in California to finish development of product, packaging and cost for initial shipment. I am working with Scott Harris Law for patent filing. Arana /Cordova are my CPA and Business counsel. I have invested $8000.00 of my own money for development thus far.
Gluteal Crease health is a major health problem with rash, irritation, odor and skin infections from scratching.  This pad can be used under the breast and abdomen and scrotum but was thought of for the buttock crease. The fiber design is super absorbent,biodegradable, flushable and currently sourced from China. Funding would be used to complete product design and packaging, related launching expenses, advertising, legal, and initial product ordering and insurance of product. Once this next design phase is finished we will have cost estimate for packaging and initial material purchase.
I have not utilized funding such as this before but would expect segmented funding as required and mutually agreed upon.

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