Wish List Brands Inc.

Wish List Brands Inc. Where Buyers Wish and Sellers List, A Publishing and Media Company Disrupting a $9.2T Market

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Offering 20% stake in Wish List Brands Inc. Where Buyers Wish and Sellers List, Wish-List.com a marketplace for buying and selling real estate and vehicles nationwide. In addition to our marketplace we also have a media division which will film home remodel and auto builds for syndication on TV and for the web. 

How Does Wish List Brands Inc. Make Money? Wish List Brands Inc. Business model In A Nutshell
Wish List Brands Inc. is an online real estate and auto marketplace, matching buyers and renters with real estate brokers/agents and auto dealers through a platform with personalized search and discovery experiences and streamlined user interface for both buying/renting and selling. The company makes money by charging a fee to real estate agents and auto dealers allowing them to boost their listings exposure and home and auto loan services for buyers. Additional revenue will be realized through the syndication of the Wish List Brands Original remodel series and through product placement within these segments.

 Origin story
Wish List Brands Inc. is an online real estate
marketplace founded in 2015 by Stephen Montoya. Stephen has over 21 years of real estate experience. With the lack of transparency on other online marketplaces, realtors, auto dealers and the consumer are at risk of misinformation and an unpleasant user experience.

Over the first 12 months Stephen and his team will film a home remodel series, publish entertaining and educational children books and animated series as well as film auto builds and interview automotive customizers and manufacturers across the country.

Wish List Brands Inc. value model
Wish List Brands Inc. is designed to combine the millions of homes and vehicles available for sale by brokers and auto dealers across the nation via Wish- List.com an online website which leverages its platform connecting millions of potential buyers/ renters and brokers/auto dealers. Its technology is used to enable a massive amount of listings, easily filtered and discovered by millions of users each  month, and a mobile app that delivers the same kind of experience.

As a real estate broker/agent and auto dealership, value is enhanced also via services, like boosted listings, home and auto loans and more.

Wish List Brands Inc. slogan and vision
Wish List Brands Inc. slogan is “Where Buyers Wish and Sellers List.”
Thus its vision consists of connecting them with the best local professionals who can help.”

Wish List Brands Inc. value propositions
The primary value proposition for buyers and renters is a platform with a wide variety of listings for both buying and renting homes and autos. The ease of searching, discovering, and finding the properties or vehicles that most fit their criteria or as we like to say their Wish List.
For brokers and auto dealers, the platform will attract a massive amount of traffic.

 Wish List Brands Inc. technological model
The primary use of technology within Wish List Brands Inc. is to power search and discover homes and autos.
Other models yet, are used to refine search based on some contextual information related to the place/city of the search. 

Wish List Brands Inc. distribution model
Wish List Brands Inc. distribution strategy consists of organic (continuous traffic on the website and mobile app) and paid advertising. Distribution is also enhanced by agreements with real estate agents and auto dealers using the platform.

To gain a bit of context from one of the leaders in online real estate marketplaces, by 2020, Zillow recorded over 200 million unique users, that led to more than five thousand homes sold via the platform.

Wish List Brands Media model
Wish List Brands Inc. media division is dedicated around creating entertaining and educational content for all ages starting at 4 years of age through our children books and animated series. Home buyers and sellers love watching home makeover and remodel shows and will be able to watch Wish List Brands Original shows on the web and tv. Our talented and experienced team have successfully produced and syndicated tv shows and negotiated product placement for over 20 years. This will add an additional revenue stream as well as play a key role in our branding. 

Wish List Brands Inc. revenue projections 
When Wish-List.com launches Q4 of 2022, the companies primary revenue will be from advertising.
Starting in Q1 of 2023 Wish List Brands Inc. plans to start promoting their partnership with a national lender and title company allowing the company to diversify into many income streams.
 Home and Auto
Upon launching Wish-List.com it project to have approximately 80% of the homes for sale in the United States through a license agreement with Listhub, and 80% of the vehicles available for sale by more than 18,000 dealerships across the country.

1. Listing Boost – These products allows agents/ brokers/auto dealers to track leads or advertise their services on the Wish-List.com platform. Here, Wish List Brands makes money charging brokers/ agents $500 per month and auto dealers $3,500 per month to boost their listings.

2. Home and Auto Loans – Where Wish List Brands Inc. sells advertising services to a national lending partner.

3. Other – where Wish List Brands Inc. sells similar services to individuals who play a role in the renovation or re-sale process. These include photographers, builders, home improvement professionals, and housing inspectors as well as local auto mechanics, parts supply stores etc.

Cash flow generation
The company will generate operating cash flows through real estate professionals, auto dealers, national home and auto lenders, and brand advertisers.

Key takeaways:
• Wish-List.com is an online real estate marketplace founded in 2015. Real Estate brokerage owner Stephen Montoya formed the company in response to a lack of transparency and disgruntled customers in the real estate sector due to misleading information inaccuracies found on other marketplaces.
• Wish List Brands Inc. begins with a simple business model, generating income solely from advertising.
• Wish List Brands Inc. will generate income through its strategic advertising partners ie. Home and auto loan lenders who will pay the company a commission whenever it refers a customer.

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