Pet Product Distributor Scaling

Acquisition funds to acquire successful pet industry business. Scaleable 3-5X revenue.

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Looking for Funding to acquire Family Run 30-year-old Pet Specialty distributor.  Very Profitable and scalable business with a long track record and lifelong customer base. 

Current revenue of 3 Million with very scalable to 3X revenue within 5 years. 

My company works inside the same SPACE as the Acquisition target. This TARGET  has been a long-term customer of ours for many years. The business could be expanded 3X with the current network of reps my company has. Plus vast knowledge of this category and their target customers is vital to success.

Need $900,000

This Acquisition opens the door to other possible transactions within the space. Very well connected inside this giant industry. Contact me for a business plan

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Pet Product Distributor Scaling is no longer seeking funding.