Raising funds to expand an already-proven model. Company is debt-free and growing.

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 Company Overview by Founder, Dr. Paula Fellingham:
I am pleased and honored to introduce you to WIN Global Networks, Inc. (WGN) a C Corporation in the State of Utah, U.S.A.  
WIN Global Networks, Inc. is privately owned and debt-free.

 WGN has three divisions: 
1. WIN WIN Women (launched January 17, 2022) 
2. WIN WIN eUniversity (Beta launch: Q4 2022) 
3. WIN WIN Global Events (Beta Launch: Q2, 2023)
Each division is a stand-alone. 

WIN WIN Women (WWW) is the first division to be built. Currently, our primary focus is on growing WIN WIN Women. All team members work from home; there is no bricks-and-mortar headquarters.  Founder Paula Fellingham lives at 192 E. Lake Breeze Road, Saratoga Springs, UT, 84045, U.S. 

Throughout the Beta Launch (Sept. – Jan. 2022) and after its official launch on January 17, 2022, WIN WIN Women has experienced a constant revenue stream. Processes have been created, tested, revised and retested. Technical systems have been created and automated to guarantee ease of fulfillment and standardized operations. All systems remain open for ongoing improvement, development, and acceleration. 

WGN DIVISION 1 – WIN WIN Women Brief Overview - 
We Care. We Connect. We Collaborate. 

WIN WIN Women is a multi-media global women’s network whose experts (Show Hosts) will use 8 global platforms to reach, teach, and talk with 3.9 billion women, to help them find solutions for the challenges in every area of their lives, personally and professionally.

Our mission is to care, connect, and collaborate with 3.9 billion women, so all can enjoy a level of excellence in every area of their lives and be more joyful, fulfilled, and financially secure. 
We Care by loving and inspiring ALL women. 
We Connect as we teach and talk together.
We Collaborate to grow successful businesses and healthy families. 

Slogan: Women WIN when their lives are improved + Experts WIN when they provide solutions = WIN WIN Women. 

WIN WIN Women’s 8 Platforms: 

1. Weekly Television Shows hosted by our experts (Show Hosts); seen on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. 
2. Weekly, live, 60-minute Shows on our website, with audience interaction. 
3. Weekly Podcasts - audio from the video Shows, for those who would rather listen than watch.
4. International live and virtual WIN WIN Women Events: “How to Achieve Personal and Professional EXCELLENCE – An Extraordinary Event for Extraordinary Women”.
5. Mobile App where Shows are easily accessible globally (being created).  
6. Social Media – targeted social media platforms: Facebook; Instagram; LinkedIn; etc. 
7. Participation in WIN WIN eUniversity – where experts (women and men) offer courses and trainings. 
8. Local Circles of women and girls meeting monthly around the world. 

One of our primary goals: WIN WIN Women will present live, interactive video Shows on 50 topic-focused Channels, 24/7, in many languages. 

WIN WIN Women has 8 streams of revenue.  Pitch Deck and Financial Projections available upon request.

 Accomplishments to Date - Goals We’ve Already Met 

Launch and First Development of WIN WIN Women:

● Creation of initial vision, September – November, 2020.
● Development of WIN WIN Women’s Mission, Goals, Plans, Systems, Processes.
● Engagement of 35 Channel Directors Q1, 2021.
● Developed many “back end” technical pieces, including a strong website. 
● Beta-launch began September, 2021. More tech pieces were developed and WIN WIN Women TV Network was created.
● Full launch: January 17, 2022, with Founding Show Hosts who created weekly 60-minute Show episodes. WWW produced, posted, and archived the Show episodes. 
● February, 2022, 50+ of the best WIN WIN Women Shows air weekly on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. Continued adding Show Hosts. 
● March, 2022, for International Women’s Day we presented two full days (10 hours/day) of events, with 42 speakers, with 900,000+ people clicking on our presentations. 
● March, 2022, we began our social media and marketing campaigns once we had quality content (Shows) on the website. Improved the Show episodes’ uploading process and continued improving the onboarding process and trainings for Show Hosts. Continued adding Show Hosts.
● April, 2022, created a new-and-improved website with better analytic capabilities. Created a collaboration with SalesFlow to secure more targeted leads. Continue adding Show Hosts. 

Currently, we have 135 Show Hosts (from 11 countries) and Show episodes airing 7 days a week, almost every hour of the day (12 hours/day) on a variety of topics. 

WGN DIVISION 2 – WIN WIN eUniversity Brief Overview WIN WIN eUniversity is scheduled to begin its Beta Launch in Q4, 2022, with a full launch planned for Q1, 2023. 

WIN WIN eUniversity is for both men and women. It is a different platform with its own revenue streams and with relatively nominal additional start-up and operating costs. WIN WIN eUniversity will design and execute a combination of the most popular and lucrative online learning models and be structured to guarantee financial stability and profitability from the day the doors open. WIN WIN eUniversity’s faculty will be experienced experts and educators who have created excellent, high-quality courses and trainings. All courses and trainings will be offered online and will be easily downloadable. Some courses and trainings will be interactive with the expert/educator. Many courses and trainings will include workbooks and assignments and conclude with learning evaluations. Additionally significant is WIN WIN eUniversity’s commitment to serve those (men and women) who might otherwise have little or no opportunity to achieve additional learning, with the potential to complete professional certification(s) in a variety of fields that create and open pathways to advance careers and earning potential conveniently and economically. 

WGN DIVISION 3 – WIN WIN Global Events Brief Overview WIN WIN Global Events’ Beta launch is anticipated to be Q2, 2023. 

WIN WIN Global Events will combine the convenience of virtual events with the excitement of LIVE events, which the world is hungry for after years of COVID. The three factors for producing successful, profitable events are timing, location, and excellent content/speakers. With decades of collective experience behind our Team, producing events around the world presents minimal challenges and solid ROIs (i.e. Founder Paula Fellingham has co-presented 400+ live events in 152 nations). We have all the standardized agendas, document templates, customized promotional and pre-event marketing and organizational materials, and the excellent guidance and support (from our Director of Global Events and her team) to ensure successful local, regional, and international events. Many thousands of attendees will gather in nations worldwide to attend WIN WIN Events. WIN Global Network Inc. – USP/Success Factors WIN Global Networks, Inc. is uniquely qualified to succeed based on multiple USP factors.  

● Products and Services
 An unprecedented and comprehensive model with three divisions, each of which can be a profitable stand-alone. Adding new products and services will be an ongoing opportunity as we add: new topic-driven Channels; new Show Hosts with varying perspectives on all subjects; new items in the WIN WIN Store; additional courses in WIN WIN eUniversity; and more and more local, regional, and international live and virtual events. 

● Human Resources
Our Executive Team has decades of experience and proven success in each of WGN’s divisions, particular in providing education-based solutions and services to women around the world. Our Team will expand on an as-needed basis with well-vetted experts for each position. We will always carefully control payroll, costs, and expenses. 

● Market
 There are currently 3.9 billion females in the world, approximately half of the world’s population. Natural attrition and replacement will sustain the market. Add to that the ever-increasing availability and expansion of media/social media platforms, WGN is “evergreen”. Globally, in middle-and-low income families alone, over 1,000,000,000 women own cell phones that can access our website. 

● Operational Systems
Throughout the Beta launch of WIN WIN Women, and on a continuous basis, we have developed automated systems designed to keep operating costs down and standards high. Though we are technology-based, no customer needs to be technically skilled beyond having basic day-to-day computer or cell phone skills. ● Intellectual Property (IP). Our IP gives us an advantage over our competitors, including Founder Paula Fellingham’s ownership of the trademark of WIN WIN (Classification 45). Our IP also includes the collective qualifications of our Team and 135 (and growing) Show Hosts. 

● Customers 
We benefit from an assortment of customer categories including Experts (Show Hosts), Audience Members, and Affiliate Partners. The added benefit is that they are not mutually exclusive. Any customer could also be a customer in all three divisions of WGN, thus adding to revenue from three different sources. In turn, customers receive specific benefits associated with each division. This potential triple ROI serves all customers well, multiplies the return on every marketing dollar spent, improves the bottom line, and increases valuation.

● Marketing 
Detailed Marketing Plan available upon request. 
Using the social media and marketing power of every Show Host also adds to the market reach algorithm, as they share and promote to their followers, database, and customers weekly (or more often). 

Industry Analysis Market Overview 
WIN Global Networks, Inc. exists on a combined platform of two major, sustainable behaviors of the global population: Social Media Engagement and Online Learning. 

● Social Media Engagement. 
In 2014, social media accounts averaged 4.8/ person. By 2020, there was an increase of 75% with the average number of accounts per person reaching 8.4. Growth will continue based on expanding technologies and social media options. Between 2017 and 2022, social networking has grown at a rate of 20% each year. Over the next decade, growth is anticipated to increase as a result of the aging of Generation Z, who like Millennials Gen X and Gen Y, were born into a social networking world and continue to adapt to new trends and options.

● Online Learning. In 2020, online learning was estimated to be $250.8 billion USD with growth projected to reach $457.8 billion USD by 2026. This is a 10.3% CAGR over that period. This is a conservative projection; others project growth to reach 14.6% over the same period. Individually or combined, these two key factors create a sustainable market and longevity for growth. The post-COVID era will have already adapted to the pivot caused by the pandemic regarding the work-and-learn-from-home mentality of the working population, and those coming of age. 

Relevant Market Size 
The diversity of the subject-matter our expert Show Hosts present, coupled with the varied perspectives and styles with which they present it, was designed to guarantee subjective relevance to women around the world by providing reliable resources “on-demand” and on a 24/7/365 basis. Our audiences will clearly identify the topics most in demand, based on differentiating factors including geographical and cultural distinctions, providing the opportunity to adjust accordingly and in timely ways. Analytics will support this. From a service point-of-view, we will always be able to maintain relevance in our market. Similarly, our marketing strategy will reach a wide range of prospective Show Hosts, Audience Members, and Affiliates, to create a natural and constant flow of interest and need from a wide age range of customers. This will create sustainability and relevance on a perpetual basis.

Customer Analysis - WIN WIN Women Target Customers

 ● Gender. WIN WIN Women: We include all women of all ages, cultures, and beliefs; we exclude no woman. WIN WIN eUniversity: We include all men and all women. ● Income. All income levels are included. 
● Age (estimates). Show Hosts: 25 yrs. and older. Audience: 16 yrs. and older. Affiliates: 18 yrs. and older. 
● Location. Global; every nation. As of March 2022, we have already reached women in more than 30 countries, including South Africa, Germany, India, Israel, Sweden, Great Britain, the Page 9 Philippines, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and many others. This reach has already produced Show Hosts from 11 countries. Future plans include the targeted creation of regions managed by carefully vetted ‘Ambassadors’ with influence and specific knowledge of the needs of women in each region, based on geographical and cultural nuance. No geographical area is excluded. 
● Occupation. Due to the diversity of subject matter, our Show Hosts, Audience Members, and Affiliates will come from many different industries, professions, and jobs. This will continue adding to the depth of our educational content, products and services, valuation, and market value. No occupation is excluded. 
● Language. Initial focus is on English-speaking women/nations, with plans to add simultaneous translations to all Show episodes and articles/blogs. This will allow audience members to select their native language or a language of their choice.
 ● Education. Because of the diversity of Show subjects and weekly topics, Show Hosts, Audience Members, and Affiliates will come from a diverse number of industries, professions, and jobs, and with a broad range of educational backgrounds. As we offer “online and on land” opportunities to learn through Coaching, Mentoring, Course Participation and Certification Programs, all participants have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base, enjoy new experiences and advance as they choose. No level of education is excluded. 
● Values/Beliefs. We are diverse and inclusive. We have no agenda or corporate affiliation to any religion or political party/organization. Our goal is to provide numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth for people worldwide. 

Customer Needs 
More than ever, women are seeking reliable, on-demand resources that serve their specific needs for solutions to the challenges in their daily lives, both personally and professionally. WGN clients are: Show Hosts, Audience Members, and/or Affiliates. 

Our Customers’ Needs/Desires that We Fulfill 

1. WIN WIN Women Experts (Show Hosts) Want to: 
- Share their messages on a global scale. 
- Extend their individual market reach/grow their customer base.
- Make more money. 
- Open new streams of income. 
- Have the opportunity to speak at live and virtual events.
- Have the opportunity to host live and virtual events. 
- Collaborate with other experts. 
- Improve their skills by attending our (Weekly) Speaker and Business Development School.
- Create content that can be repurposed, shared, or sold. 
- Be part of something bigger than they could ever do alone.

 2. Audience Members Want:
- Access to reliable resources.
- Access to “on-demand” resources that fit into their schedules. 
- To know they never need to feel alone. 
- To know that their voices matter and that there is a place where they can be heard and get their concerns heard and their questions answered.
- To know there may be options in life they never dreamed could be theirs. 
- To know that they are worthy and deserve to live their best lives.
- To find real solutions and answers to the challenges in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones. 

3. Affiliates Want to:
- Know they have an opportunity to represent quality products/services. 
- Know they have the opportunity to help improve the lives of others. 
- Know they can be financially rewarded for their results. 
- Know they can expand their own market reach through affiliate collaboration. 

Competitive Analysis 
WIN Global Networks, Inc. is a unique combination of three divisions. Currently, no company does all that we will do. There are, however, companies that share part of our space. Certain significant differences between WGN and our competitors should be recognized. Most notably, the fact that the two companies referenced below (for specific comparative analysis to the WIN WIN Women division) occupied their segment of our space for years with very little revenue. As WGN’s flagship division, WIN WIN Women has experienced positive revenue since the early days of its Beta Launch (September, 2021). We anticipate that our second and third divisions, WIN WIN eUniversity and WIN Global Events, will provide the same results. 

Competitors Specific to Social Media Engagement, we’ll look at Clubhouse. 
Below are comparisons between Clubhouse and WIN WIN Women (WWW): 

● Clubhouse is one-dimensional audio-only chat app that requires customers to have Android 7, or above, or IOS 13, or above. 
WWW is multi-dimensional combining audio AND VIDEO and requires no specific level of equipment other than a laptop (with a microphone and camera) and a strong light. 

● Clubhouse began in March, 2020. It was the beneficiary of timing due to the pandemic and the immediate need of people to channel energy and to find a substitute for in-person socializing. It has existed without revenue and is just beginning to test how to monetize their platform.
 WWW’s Beta launch was in September 2021, with revenue from day one and is strategically designed to address the timeless needs of women. 

● Clubhouse has grown based on raising more than $100,000,000 after 7 rounds of funding. WWW launched with a boots-on-the-ground campaign. It is debt free and privately owned. 

● Clubhouse announces pop-up conversations based on a presenter’s decision to participate and is “live” only. If you miss it, you miss it. 
WWW provides audiences with a Show Schedule so audience members can schedule time to watch their favorite shows “live” and/or they can go to WWW’s archives for any Show they may have missed or wish to revisit. 

● Clubhouse participation is by invitation only. 
WWW is open (free) to all women who want to watch, listen, and learn. (Eventually, we’ll offer monthly subscriptions to watch archived episodes; live episodes will always be free.) 

● Clubhouse is predominantly in “listen only” mode unless the Moderator chooses to include you in the conversation. There is no limit to the length of time the speaker can go on and on… WWW Shows are presented in consistent time slots listed on our website and presented weekly. Each Show is 60-minutes long, with a scheduled beginning and end. The first 30 minutes of each Show episode (recorded) is a well-prepared presentation by the Show Host. The second 30 minutes (not recorded) is an open conversation for audience members who want to speak with the expert (Show Host) and other audience members. 

● Known as “drama rooms” Clubhouse is non-specific as to passion and purpose (for the sake of audience members) and is known to often create controversial, argumentative banter without resolution. 
WWW is designed on an episode-by-episode basis to connect each Show Host’s weekly topic to the conversation that follows, with the intent to lead women to resolutions and solutions, based on the information shared and the conversation(s) that follow. 

● Clubhouse is random as to who might be presenting when and on what topic, typically self-promoting, often as a one-off. 
WWW is designed to establish a rapport between the Show Host and audience members, and to grow to the “know-like-trust” status that motivates women to return and continue watching Shows and responding to promotions. 

● Clubhouse is reportedly losing audience members.
 WWW will establish itself in the market and then grow as we provide (on 8 different platforms) viable solutions for the challenges of our target market as our Show Hosts help women worldwide find solutions for their lives. Every Show Host uses social media, email and other marketing platforms to promote her Show and WIN WIN Women is promoted at the same time – continuously expanding the market reach. 

Specific to Online Learning, we will compare WIN WIN Women with MasterClass.
Comparisons are between Masterclass and WIN WIN Women: 

● MasterClass pays celebrity experts ($100,000) to pre-record classes that sit “in the can” for on-demand availability, only for paid subscribers.
WWW is paid by qualified subject-matter experts (Show Hosts) who wish to receive the many benefits and opportunities we provide for them. 

● MasterClass was founded in 2012. Almost ten years later (as of Nov, 2021) they have 133 canned classes with new classes added monthly. 
WWW’s Beta-launch began in September 2021, and as of April 2022, we have hosted and archived 800+ unique, “live” Show episodes. We have new episodes scheduled, promoted, presented, and archived every day. 

● MasterClass has recruited celebrities with the goal of turning them into instructors.
WWW recruits seasoned coaches, speakers, educators, trainers and mentors and gives them (our Show Hosts) a plethora of opportunities – and stages – to share their messages, so they can do what they love: help change the lives of women around the world, creating a ripple effect in families, communities, and workplaces. We also give our Show Hosts the opportunity to make money five ways. 

● MasterClass has gone through 12 rounds of funding and raised $461.4M from 42 investors and is projecting an IPO in 2022. 
WWW is a debt-free, privately owned company ready to bring in funding to accelerate growth towards a successful, lucrative exit. 

Indirect Competitors
Thousands of companies, organizations, networking and membership groups exist that were created for women. Many are exclusive to niche markets and/or industries. Many do a portion of what WIN WIN Women does. Some present events; others offer online video presentations; others offer online courses and trainings, etc. Clubhouse and MasterClass were selected for comparative analysis because they exist in the market spaces in which WWW exists: Social Media Engagement and Online Learning.

Competitive Advantages 

WIN WIN Women will succeed because: 
● Our experts can help fill the needs of 3.9 billion women who all have challenges in their lives for which they need, and seek, solutions. 
● We make it easy for women to access the experts who provide solutions.
● Our experts are accessible and available – live – on each weekly online Show episode, so audience members can get their questions answered in real time. 
● There’s a plethora – worldwide - of skilled, prepared, qualified experts who are willing to pay for the opportunity to use our platforms and marketing expertise. 
● The timing of WIN WIN Women is excellent because today’s technological advancements and capabilities. 
● The global pandemic forced more experts and users to go online and to be comfortable teaching and learning there. 
● We have a built-in marketing system because all Show Host are active on social media and they all have databases. Show Hosts market their individual Shows and products, and in so doing, create WIN WINS with the Company on several levels (i.e. everyone benefits in many ways). 
● Because of the global pandemic, people are now hungry to attend live events, which we offer in many nations. 
● We invite and encourage women worldwide to Care. Connect. Collaborate. – which are three things most women love to do! 
● The two words “WIN WIN” are already well known worldwide and people naturally want to know about mutual benefits as they question, “What’s in it for me?” Founder Paula Fellingham owns the trademark (classification 45; online business) for "WIN WIN". 

A detailed Marketing Plan is available upon request.

Current customers: Show Hosts, Audience Members, Event Attendees, Affiliates, Sponsors, Advertisers

Currently, we’re focusing on marketing WIN WIN Women in the following ways: 

Email Marketing. WIN WIN Women Show Hosts market to their personal and professional lists so they can build their own Show audiences. This promotes WWW, as well, with a reach already topping 2,000,000. Corporate also sends emails to lists of over 500,000.

Social Media Marketing. This including Facebook, Linked-In and Instagram - all accessible from our WIN WIN Women website:
Example of our success: WIN WIN Women presented and sponsored a two-day Global Event for International Women’s Day (March 8, 2022) with 42 expert speakers and panelists from around the world for a total of 18 LIVE hours online. With this one event, WIN WIN Women reached 900,000+ viewers on Instagram, had 74,000 impressions on LinkedIn, a 14,000 “reach” on Facebook, and 700+ Views on YouTube, with social media engagement up 3,000%. 

Television. WWW Show Host episodes are already streaming on popular TV networks including ROKU (56.4 million users/month) Amazon Fire (50 million users/month) and Apple TV (40 million monthly users). 

Affiliates. WWW will initiate a Global Affiliate Referral Program that provides an opportunity to properly registered Affiliates to earn referral fees of approximately 10%. Currently, we have an Affiliate Referral Program exclusively for our Show Hosts. Continuing campaigns are launched to incentivize current Show Hosts and secure new Show Hosts each month. 

WIN WIN Women Podcasts. The audio from each WIN WIN Women Show episode can be used as a podcast for audience members who wish to listen to the Show Hosts’ presentations instead of watching their videos. 

International Women’s Organizations. We will be collaborating on events and on other live and virtual opportunities with women’s organizations in 195 nations, creating a WIN WIN experience for them and for their members. 

Global Experience. WIN Global Networks will be developed in every region of the world. Regions worldwide will be overseen/directed by carefully vetted “Ambassadors” who can make quicker and deeper inroads based on geographical and cultural distinctions. These WGN Regional entities may develop into stand-alone entities with their own exit strategies. 

Note: Attention to analytics, viewership, registrations, etc., will clearly show what platforms and marketing strategies are outperforming others and where marketing dollars should be shifted. 


Business Development: WIN Global Networks, Inc. is structured to serve three categories of customers (Show Hosts, Audience Members and Affiliates) in three divisions: WIN WIN Women, WIN WIN eUniversity and WIN WIN Global Events. As mentioned, WIN WIN Women is the first division to be developed.  

Processes and Systems

● The WIN WIN Women website is set up to attract and convert users to become either Show Hosts or audience members. We continually work to improve the website. 
● The WIN WIN Women online sales page is in place and constantly monitored, tested, and revised for effectiveness. See Page.
● WIN WIN Women’s automated systems are in place to facilitate the orientation of new Show Hosts, and to provide ongoing support including two weekly Zoom calls for training and troubleshooting. 
● Automated systems are in place to upload all Show episodes onto the website and (selected Shows) onto the television networks Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. 
● Support is provided by the WIN WIN Women Team, as needed, for each individual Show Host. 
● Show Hosts are incentivized as Affiliates to bring in more Show Hosts. 
● Show Hosts post their products in the WIN WIN Store.
● Show Hosts help with social media marketing campaigns and email messaging to their databases to attract more audience members. 
● Show Hosts direct, and speak at, WIN WIN Women’s local, regional, and international events. They work closely with our Director of Global Events. 

WGN will be mindful of new opportunities. We will continue developing each of the three divisions and explore the potential to add new, well-aligned divisions when prudent. 

Sales: Prospective Show Hosts can become Show Hosts directly on our website at To get their questions answered, they can also schedule a one-on-one Zoom meeting or attend a group Zoom call. 

Finance: Financial operations will be managed from the top with the day-to-day functions of a bookkeeper and, when necessary, an accountant on a pay-for-service basis (for payroll, taxes, etc.). This department will grow commensurate with the growth of the Company and the expansion of regions, keeping regional reports separate with the potential for segmented exit. 

Customer Service: Our attention to customer service is of paramount importance in each category and we provide one-on-one phone and Zoom support. Show Hosts: We have two weekly Zoom calls dedicated to the support and service to our Show Hosts, in addition to the open-door policy that provides direct contact information for each team member. 

Audience Members: With attention to maintaining the high standard of quality to which we hold ourselves and our Show Hosts, audience members are provided with the highest level of customer satisfaction and service. 

Affiliates: Our Affiliates are treated as partners. 

WIN WIN eUniversity 
● Anticipated Beta-launch Q4, 2022 
● Anticipated Full launch Q2, 2023 We are already in the planning stage of WIN WIN eUniversity. We are working on vetting and designating two qualified Deans, establishing criteria for qualified ‘faculty’, creating lists of those we will invite to establish the core curriculum including nature of courses, certification programs, opportunity to qualify for CEUs, college credits, price points, Affiliate Agreements, and all details that will make WIN WIN eUniversity both effective and profitable. We will not seek funding for this division until it is needed. 

WIN WIN Global Events 
● Anticipated Beta launch Q2, 2023 
● Anticipated Full launch Q3, 2023 Based on years of successful experience in the presentation of live and virtual events, the WIN WIN Global Events division is well qualified to present successful, well-attended events worldwide under the direction of a Global Events Director. Events can be corporate and/or hosted by qualified Event Directors, including our own WIN WIN Women Show Hosts from around the world. Local, regional and international events will be planned, including a global tour of presenters who cover their own expenses for the privilege of participation and the potential to make the tour personally profitable. 

Leadership and Support Teams 

Leadership Team

Dr. Paula Noble Fellingham: Founder, CEO Paula, Founder of WIN WIN Women, is a global mentor for women, with a Doctorate of Education Degree (Ed.D.). She is the recipient of awards from three Presidents of the United States. Paula has written 8 books and many courses. She has developed two other women’s networks and she has co-presented over 400 live events in 152 nations. Paula has spoken at global conferences for decades, including at the United Nations, NATO Headquarters, and for many international women’s organizations. Paula is the mother of 8 grown children; she’s been married for 51 years to Dr. Gilbert Fellingham, a University Professor of Statistics. She has a personal database of 500,000 and she owns 565 URLs and many websites. 

Denise Medved: Chief Operating Officer Denise was based in New York for 30 years as a senior officer and board member of leading agencies. She provided corporate marketing, public relations and business-to-business growth for international and Fortune 1000 companies. Denise was Founder and Editor of BUSINESSWOMAN, the first publication of its kind, with readership of over 100,000 corporate women. She spent 12 years promoting public-private sustainability partnerships for two of the largest global firms in California. Denise is also creator and founder of a cutting-edge brain health program promoting cognitive function in 50 U.S. states and 30 other countries, leading worldwide events regularly with over 3300 educators and trainers. 

Beth Johnston: Director of Sales Beth has experienced extreme success as WIN WIN Women’s Director of Sales to date. She is an active listener with spontaneous and creative thinking and assessing skills. Beth has 30+ years of business and sales experience in several different industries and has taken companies to their highest earning years by realigning the why and the how of their business philosophies, reorganizing management teams, redefining missions, and raising company morale. One of Beth’s skills is training Sales Teams to achieve excellent results. 

Dr. Natalie Forest: Director of Global Events Natalie is the recipient of a Doctorate of Science Degree (Ph.D.). She is a Global Bilingual Transformation Mentor and an International Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker. She is the recipient of the 2016 President Barack Obama Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Lifetime Achievement Award. Natalie presents TV Events for the Los Angeles Tribune, and she writes a column for that newspaper. She is the host of a popular podcast and TV Show. 

Laura Orr: Creative and Technical Director Laura has worked in management, operations, social media, and marketing for ten years. Working with small businesses and entrepreneurs is Laura’s area of expertise. Laura is the “wizard” behind most of the technical pieces of WIN WIN Women and she works directly with Show Hosts to help them perform with excellence as presenters and content creators. Laura’s passion is creating strong connections and working with women around the world. 

Robert Wagner: CFO (part-time) Robert has served as President, COO, CFO, and CTO for various companies; developed and managed a global online marketing operation; designed, built and accumulated data for a consumer database of over 270 million records that produced product sales of over $2 billion. Robert has written and completed three public offerings; assisted in the US Federal Reserve’s QE3 program; and raised over $300 million in startup capital. He has served on various Advisory Boards including the UN Water Security Council, the UN World Energy Council, and nonprofits such as Homes for Change and Difference Makers International. Currently, Mr. Wagner manages investment, trading and endowments funds; is the Director of Business Development for a well-established software firm; and provides financial and business solutions for both private and government projects that result in near to zero net costs. 

Support Team 
To support and grow WIN WIN Women, we have niched experts who provide services based on contracted hours.

Technology Experts: Steve Ericksen at Event Raptor, Norway; TV StartUp, and others

Marketing and Sales Experts: Justin Belobaba at NowSite and SalesFlow, Canada; and others 

P.R. Director: Robert Smith Communications, IL 

Social Media Experts: Brandi Hand/team at Flutter Communications, TX 

Virtual Assistants: Ripple VAs, Philippines 

Financial Plan - detailed Plan available upon request.

Example of one revenue source… One of our primary goals is to secure experts (Show Hosts) on 50 topics who host 60-minute Shows 24/7. That’s 8,400 Show Hosts x $2,497 each (not including their annual renewal fee) = $20,974,800. (We can continue adding topics and Show Hosts way beyond 50 topics.)

Revenue Model 

WIN Global Networks, Inc. will generate revenue from multiple sources based on its three divisions.
WIN WIN Women generates revenue from Show Hosts, Audience Members, Affiliate Partners, Sponsors, Advertisers, Event Sales, Courses/Trainings, WIN WIN Store. To date, all revenue raised through WWW is the result of Show Host participation fees. Current fees are $2,497 + annual renewals of $497. Those rates will increase to $2,997 + $997 annual renewal when demand increases. Based on supply and demand, there is no cap re: how high those fees can be.

Audience Members: WWW includes a marketplace for Show Hosts to promote and sell their products and services. Managed on an Affiliate basis, WGN retains 30% of gross revenue. Future: Monthly Memberships (3 levels). 

Affiliate Partners WIN WIN Women initiated a referral program to recruit new Show Hosts. Registered Affiliates, including WWW Show Hosts, receive 10% of Show Host initial registration as well as annual renewal fees. 

WIN WIN Store – where Show Hosts’ products and Company swag is sold. 

WIN WIN Women Events (including Retreats/Masterminds) – gate tickets; product sales; affiliate sales; booth rental; sponsor sales; upsells and (future) memberships.
Advertising and Sponsorships - with a full range of participation levels. 

WIN WIN Women Courses/Trainings – for Show Hosts and for Audiences.

(Future) Monthly Subscriptions to watch archived Show episodes – live episodes will always be free. There will be three levels of WIN WIN Women Membership.

WIN WIN eUniversity Scheduled for Beta-Launch Q4 2022, WGN’s WIN WIN eUniversity will be built on an Affiliate basis including global experts beyond WWW’s Show Hosts, including the inclusion of content from men. WGN will retain 50% of gross revenue from the sales of all trainings and courses offered. 

WIN WIN Global Events Scheduled for Beta-launch Q2 2023, we will present large (filling stadiums) live and virtual events featuring well-known speakers who are local/international dignitaries, celebrities in many different industries, WIN WIN eUniversity faculty members, qualified Show Hosts, and famous people we wish to honor for their contributions. Revenues will be generated by attendance fees, a 50/50 split of speakers’ sales, sponsors, advertisers, swag, Company trainings, etc. 

WGN places no limit on future sources of revenue that we intend to create based on collaborative relationships that will develop.

Use of Funds 

Funding will be used for: 

● Marketing. WIN Global Networks, Inc. is poised to extend its reach through its strategic and tactical Marketing Plan (available upon request), particular to the growth of the three divisions: WIN WIN Women, WIN WIN eUniversity, and WIN WIN Global Events. Significant marketing is required to meet our 5 Year Plan and to be positioned to negotiate an exit strategy by 2027 Q1. 
● Business Execution and Development. 
● Leadership and Support Staff. 
● Collaborations and Affiliates. High-level collaborations with individuals, organizations, and companies (sponsors/advertisers) are also key components of WGN success. 
● Events: local, regional, international. Including the training of Regional WIN WIN Ambassadors who will help with marketing/execution of events and local campaigns worldwide. 
● Development and Expansion. With adequate sales and funding, the three WGN divisions can be developed rapidly and well. At the right time, WGN will consider expansion via partnerships and the possibility of developing new divisions. 

Exit Strategy 

WIN Global Networks, Inc. (WGN) projects its exit strategy to begin in Q1 of 2027, by M&A, IPO or sale. Because each of the three divisions: WIN WIN Women, WIN WIN eUniversity, WIN WIN Global Events can each stand alone, each one (or a combination of two) may result in a separate exit. Investing in WGN early provides investors equity in all three entities and participation in each potential M&A, IPO and/or sale. The Projected ROI is 10X capital investment. 


From Founder, Dr. Paula Fellingham...

We are now looking for investors/partners to help WIN Global Networks, Inc. expand. To date, WGN and WIN WIN Women has been self-funded by me, and by sales, and it remains in positive cash flow. The Company is privately owned and debt free. 

Our plan is to find one or more partner(s) who would like to invest $100,000 at a time, up to $500,000. When WIN Global Networks, Inc. achieves the mutually-agreed-upon goals with investor(s), the next $100,000 will be allocated. Additional funds may, or may not, be required after the initial $500,000 investment. Two points of equity in WIN Global Networks, Inc. will be given for each $100,000 invested. 

I look forward to hearing from you! I'm happy to answer any questions and to receive your comments and/or suggestions. I'm open to all ideas! 
My cell: 801.921.7117 - Email: [email protected] 

Thank you for considering the possibility of making an investment in WIN Global Networks, Inc.


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