Whispr is a premium CBD self-care brand rooted in the healing power of plants.

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Whispr is a premium CBD wellness and beauty brand. Our mission is to enliven the human condition; strengthen immunity, and inspire a healthy body, mind, and soul. Our full-spectrum CBD and essential oil blends are made with top-quality, therapeutic ingredients. 

In a short span of time, Whispr been featured in top outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, LA Weekly, Hype Magazine and US Weekly and has recently completed a purchase order with Fab Fit Fun as one of their premier CBD brands for an affluent female audience.

Whispr is looking for early investors and strategic partners to help launch new, innovative products that help people overcome the tyranny of pain and stress. 

Whispr’s next opportunity area will be with luxury and active skincare. With the right partners, they’ll be able to develop industry-leading, innovative products such as premium a CBD sunscreen, anti-aging face serum, and a green-tea infused face scrub. CBD skincare is an emerging category with high multiples, fantastic margins and a raving-fan culture. 

About Whispr

CBD is more than just the latest fad in wellness. It’s fostering in a new era of enlivening the human condition by strengthening our immunity, finding freedom from everyday medicinal treatments and empowering the mind, body and soul. It’s more important now than ever as more people focus on their health. 

By engaging their consumers through verified quality, education and organic content that continues to remove the stigmas surrounding CBD vs THC, the CBD market is predicted to hit $22 billion by 2022.  

Introducing Whispr, a CBD brand that has already distinguished itself from competitors as it enters the market as a lux alternative to existing brands with an established presence, clear purpose and consistent brand identity.

As CBD takes hold of pop culture as a health-based societal norm, Whispr will build and nurture a vibrant community of wellness enthusiasts that celebrate their health, happiness, challenge the status quo. 

Whispr’s exceptional quality and elegant product design go beyond consumer expectations while upholding the highest standards set by the FDA as they strive to create a luxury alternative to their competitors. 

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