Whiskey Taco Foxtrot

Raising 3 million for Houston's only multi venue, Country Club, Latino Club, Restaurant, Event Center, and Dance Studio.

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Houston, TX the largest Country city in the world, is without a mainstream Country Nightclub. 

Tourists and business travelers from all over the world come to visit Houston every year and many want a “Texan” experience. With the absence of Wild West, excursions to see some boot scootin’ have become challenging, making visitors travel too far to participate.

In addition, Houston has a huge Latino population who love to go out and dance. 

Lastly, there are no dance studios that offer what we do in West Houston.   

Whiskey Taco Foxtrot will create the opportunity for Country and Latino entertainment in the center of Houston, easily accessible from all of the suburbs. 

We will provide the Southern Hospitality vibe people from all over the world expect when they come to our great city. From mounted police officers in the parking lot, to our friendly staff and darn good tacos, our patrons will remember us forever.  

We don’t believe in, “If you build it, they will come”. We believe if you entertain people, they’ll come back. Using our entertainment background and connections with professional dancers from all over the world, we will truly entertain our guests with live dance performances every Friday and Saturday nights. 

By incorporating our already existing dance studio business in the model, we are creating the opportunity for people to learn on the spot, making it a truly interactive experience all while creating a larger regular customer base.  

Dancing is not just a hobby. For most it’s a way of life. People who really dance, dance every week, sometimes multiple times a week, They make “their dance club” their home. We will be that home. 

The market is huge! And more than Big enough to go around. The Clubs in the suburbs are killin’ it around Houston,  and we’ll be in the center of it all.
The Houston Metropolitan area has over 6,000,000 people making it the 4 largest city in the United States and the largest Country city in the world. With over 22,000,000 yearly visitors to the Metropolitan area, we will be the spot for entertainment.  

Entertainment, Dance Lessons, Liquor, and Tacos. Private Parties, Corporate Events, and  Fundraisers. Multiple revenue streams that go hand in hand.

We anticipate 8400 customers per month at $35.00 per customer Thursday thru Saturday totalling $294k per month in club revenue.

As a well established dance company we initially anticipate 1,200 customers per month at $80.00 per customer totalling $24,000 a month in dance lesson revenue.

We anticipate 2400 restaurant goers at $7.00 average ticket sale totalling $16,800.00 a month. 

The event business in Houston is thriving. With nearby hotels and amenities and the size of our space, we will capitalize on the opportunities given us through the West Houston Chamber of Commerce and the other connections we’ve made.  

We know the competitive landscape very well and we’ve found the solutions to their problems.
Our Competition are the other Country and Latin Clubs in the Houston area. 
“Use a graph to identify strengths and what sets us apart.
Southern Hospitality, Entertainment, Community.
Southern Hospitality, Entertainment, Drink Selection, Experience.

Stampede, Whiskey River North, Whiskey River West, Rowdy’s North, Rowdy’s South, and Escapade 2001. 

The Liquor -Currently Club goers and dancers are flooding to the existing Nightclubs in Houston’s suburbs. People want to go out and have a good time and be around other people. The numbers at the existing clubs are not just good, they’re great. Whiskey River North is currently doing  $75k a week and only open 3 days, Whiskey River West is doing $65k a week open 3 days a week, Stampede Houston is doing $55k a week and only open 2 days. Escapade next door is doing more than that.  

The Food - Our competition all serves food, but not because they want to. There’s much more money to be made there. And we’re not doing food as an afterthought.  
It is our mission to provide a quality yet cost effective menu that keeps our customers in the building or ordering to go from our back patio.
The restaurant will be open 7pm to 2:00am 

The Dancing - D’Amico Dance Company has been around since 1987. Here in Houston since 1998. We have been building the D’Amico Dance brand and it has become a household name internationally in the dance world. Whiskey Taco Foxtrot will be the home of D’Amico Dance Company.  

I have been traveling the Country extensively for the last 30 years Competing, Performing, Judging, and Teaching dance, building relationships with other Professional dancers, their staff and their students. I’ve built a large network of professional dance colleagues who will be performing and teaching at Whiskey Taco Foxtrot on a weekly basis.

I have been in the nightclub consulting business since 1989 and have helped many clubs achieve their goals through online and in person promotions, most recently at Whiskey River West and Whiskey River North.

We have provided dance lessons and entertainment for most of the Country bars in the Houston area and know the existing community by name, we have taught most of them to dance over the last several years and they are an extension of our business and dance family.

D’Amico Dance Company hosts private events, corporate functions, weddings, workshops, dance competitions, fundraisers and more.
Using my connections with the West Houston Chamber we will gain the support of businesses in the area.  

In the entertainment industry for 33 years, I have produced many successful promotions in and around the Nightclub industry. A professional dancer of of 35 years, choreographer, producer, and emcee.

We’ve outlined a multifaceted online marketing strategy designed to capitalize on the community we’ve built over the last 24 years in the Houston market. From our previous businesses we know how to drive marketing strategies that bring in quality customers.
 We are deeply invested in online marketing and will increase our presence through even more targeted marketing using the analytics we’ve been collecting for over a decade., press releases, radio advertisement, and even billboard marketing.

 We don’t intend to scrape by, We are confident that we will draw large numbers from our competitors as well as light a fire under the community around us.
I am the owner/admin of the largest facebook group created for Country dance enthusiasts in the Houston area and in January the D’Amico Dance business page had 2.9 million visitors with 290,000 engagements. We will continue to cultivate a larger audience using data analytics to target like-minded demographics.    

Damon D’Amico, Founder of Whiskey Taco Foxtrot, 33 years in the business, founder of D’Amico Dance Company, entertainment director and nightclub consultant, professional dancer, event director, emcee, entertainer.
Lee Harless, former GM at Stampede Houston, Many years in the nightclub and restaurant industry. 

GIlbert Raya, CFO, Masters in Finance, Masters of Science and Marketing, professional dancer, entertainer.

Damian Taveras, Music Director, former music director at Whiskey River West, DJ, personality.

With a proven track record of building community time and time again and being an integral part of the inner workings and success of several Country nightclubs in the Houston area and elsewhere, I have the education and experience to thrive in the market. 

We’re asking for $3,000,000.00 to complete our project which includes; Buildout, FFE, Lights and Sound, Extensive Marketing Plan, and Operating Capital.

It is our intention to be Houston’s premier nightclub/entertainment venue with plans to expand to other markets. 

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