Wellnesys Inc

Raising $500K for creating new inventory of our connected fitness product to fulfill the new demand and gearing up for the upcoming holiday season

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We are building intelligent and interactive fitness solutions leveraging computer vision, AI and sensing technologies to promote active lifestyle and holistic wellness among the individuals. 

Our flagship product, YogiFi, is a smart fitness mat that can track yoga and bodyweight exercises, count reps automatically and provide feedback on form and alignment.
We are an early stage startup with 1500+ paid customers and an ARR of 0.5M USD. Based on the user feedback received on the product, we have redesigned the product and now launching our Generation 2 in August 2022. We have been seeing significant follow-ups from various B2C and B2B2C leads inquiring about Gen 2 launch. 

We want to reach 10,000 customers by Dec 2022, with ARR of $2M and are looking to raise capital for building the inventory and for sales/marketing efforts.

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