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Division Licenses For Sale. Actively selling advertisement contracts for display on our social media platform catering to the cannabis community.

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Weed League is the newest social media app catering to the "budding" cannabis community. Our content creation team ensures that we are always the go-to for any legal cannabis related news, entertainment, and social mingling! 

With the cannabis industry growing in legalization at a rapid rate, dispensaries and cannabis product manufacturing companies are being built faster than ever. Most everyone is focused on how to get these businesses up and running and how to get their states to legalize marijuana. We are one of the few folks focused on how to best offer an advertisement vehicle for these businesses and products. Weed League app will offer all of the exciting content to ensure maximum screen time; while simultaneously incorporating creative ads with any entity that wants to advertise to the cannabis-friendly app user. 

Our social media app is different than any other because we are also building a commission based sales team of licensees. This active, physically present sales team will scour all cannabis-legal areas in search of advertisement opportunities. Dispensaries, smoke shops, product manufacturers, and nightclubs would be examples of likely clients for this advertisement service. Once there, our sales person will affix flyers advertising our new cannabis app with an easy QR code for download. After that, the sales person would meet the person in charge of the establishment, introduce themselves, and sit down with them to build a client sub-administrative portal that they can log into later to update or change their advertisement display or their advertisement subscription level with us.

Commissions will be earned at the salesperson level at 10%. We will have each target market area staffed with a "Regional Area Manager" earning 5% commission on all sales within their region. Lastly, the USA and Canada are broken up into "divisions." I am looking for angel investors to purchase "Division" licenses for 8 US divisions and 2 Canadian divisions. Each valued at a "startup" price. Each of these division licenses will result in 5% commission on each sale made and every recurring monthly renewal of each sales contract written within these much larger division areas. 

Weed League is also offering a "Retired Licensee" program that could make holding a license with our company a seriously lucrative and long term arrangement.

Ideally, our physically active sales presence should ensure that all legal areas become very quickly informed of our app as they will be distributing materials throughout the markets. Revenues should very quickly follow these client visits. I am offering 3 months of free advertising services at the "Highest" coverage area package. They will be setup on automatic payments for their monthly advertisement service. I will be building a statistics database to show clients  approximately how many app users are in their given area and how many views and/or clicks their ads received. We will be using these as sales tools to ensure retention of our client base. 

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Cheers!

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