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Raising $5MM-$250MM to grow and expand medical staffing company to 700 markets across the US

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National provider of medical staffing services headed by 2 Female Industry Veterans with a team of subject matter experts. Looking to raise capital for infrastructure and expansion plans. Will have a presence in 700 markets across the US.
CHALLENGE- Effective Healthcare Workforce Management, Employee Satisfaction & Increase the
Profitability of each Hospital and Facility we serve by eliminating cost factors and Increase revenue 
center opportunities. Provide unparalleled, flexible employment opportunities for Nursing
professionals, Allied Health Therapists and Technicians, as well as Practitioners across every clinical 
and non-clinical specialties in every healthcare professional setting/ facility across each of the 50 
states. Solve the employment burnout and employment dissatisfaction rate across the healthcare 
labor force. Our ultimate goal is to provide world-class labor force stability; growth; workforce 
development/ training; increased positive outcomes and excellence in patient care. At weCAREHCN 
we care for those caring for our loved ones 24/7 live. Secondly, we will become our facility clients’ 
trusted strategic partner in eliminating operational and clinical inefficiencies in the following areas; 
workforce management solutions[RPO, VMS, Contingent workforce, Permanent Placement, Contract 
and Travel employment, Credentialing and CVO (credentialing verification organization)], as well as 
provide world-class technology to effectively manage; recruitment, onboarding, competency 
evaluations, credentials, mandatory education, benefits, payroll and retention programs.
SOLUTION- Strategic partnership and alliances with industry leaders and solving the revenue loss
operational challenge in the healthcare sector of the economy by building a strong, happy and 
healthy workforce, while improving patient outcomes and achieving the highest patient care 
approval ratings in the industry. We are industry veterans who thoroughly understand the 
challenges healthcare professionals face every day while on the job. We have perfected the business 
model since 1993 and are poised to answer the call in becoming the world’s most respected employer 
in the healthcare sector across every healthcare discipline and setting/ facility. We and our world 
class strategic partners will solve the employment burnout and dissatisfaction rates by providing 
flexible life/ work balance; environment options; best employment benefits available; excellent 
compensation packages; inclusion and diversification. We have developed the required tools and 
technology necessary to improve patient outcomes by delivering excellent patient care, while 
maintaining the highest employment satisfaction, and retention rates through the employment of 
best practices of Labor Force Retention programs designed to continuously address each, and every 
challenge in the healthcare sector of the economy.
MARKET- Acute Care Providers; Short Term and Long-Term Rehabilitation Providers; Home Health 
Providers; PPO, POS, HMO, EPO Insurance Organizations, Private, Public and Federal Healthcare 
programs and healthcare providers. The US has the greatest healthcare spending, sitting at $10,224 
per capita. There are 784,626 companies in the US healthcare sector. McKesson is the biggest US 
healthcare company with an annual revenue of $208.3 billion. 64% of physicians believe the IoT can 
help reduce the burden on nurses and doctors. Healthcare Staffing Revenue is projected to reach 
$47.5B in 2027. Healthcare Staffing Revenue for 2019 was $18.1B
MILESTONES- We have secured unlimited payroll funding, A/R, Collections, back-office through 
strategic alliance with Industry leader. Developed all software needs/ integrations and required 
technological solutions prior to launch. Cut and eliminated 95% of all office space, expansion costs 
by securing A+ office space through the new turnkey approach in commercial office space needs. 
Each Pre Go-Live checklist has been completed. We have outsourced and streamlined all non-
essentials roles within our organization.
BUSINESS/REVENUE MODEL- Revenue sources will result from each staffing vertical; Nursing, Allied 
Health, Locums, Direct Hire. Revenue will also result from client onsite management via; RPO, VMS, 
MSP, CVO, HIM. Revenue year; 1- $700M, 2- $1,2B, 3- $1.4B, 4- $1.8B, 5- $2B.
DSO will be addressed with discount incentive programs to resolve the unique revenue sales cycle 
of the healthcare industry. We project to maintain an average 45-day DSO. We project to 
maintain a 26% GPM across all verticals. We project to maintain 17% EBITDA. 
COMPETITORS- The five largest Healthcare Staffing firms in the US are:
Company 2019 Revenue Market Share
AMN Healthcare $2,093B 12%
CHG Healthcare Services $1,770B 10%
Jackson Healthcare $1,230B 7%
Medical Solutions $1,048B 6%
Cross Country Healthcare $807M 4%
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE- We hire leadership teams in each geographical/ clinical market we 
serve to respond to each client’s uniquely specific needs with a true sense of urgency. Our
proprietary/ unmatched response systems are unparalleled. 
EXIT- The Healthcare market is growing at a 20% YOY rate and it is projected to accelerate in the 
next 20+ years.  weCAREHCN has built a model, which addresses each pain point of the healthcare 
services client. Plan to file for IPO in  2024, however future company acquisition interest will come from Investment Firms and top players in the healthcare industry.

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