Wealth Hospitality Group

Raising $20,000,000 to help fund 37 Executed New Development Hotel Projects in High - Entry To Barrier Markets

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Visit Us At:  https://www.wealthhg.com/

We give accredited investors an opportunity to partner with a distinguished ownership, development, construction management, and operations company.

Wealth Hospitality Group, formerly known as Heritage Hospitality Group, approaches each project with three words in mind: Trust, Transparency and Results.

We earn our partners’ Trust through hard work and expertise. We treat your time and money as if it were our own. That’s why we push ourselves to achieve excellence through efficiency.
We maintain Transparency by keeping our partners informed every step of the way. We understand that when your business is on the line, so is ours.
We get Results by never accepting less than success. We know there’s a solution to every challenge. And we never stop until we find it.

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