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Raising 200K to Expand our line of Invasive species control products

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The primary mission of We Do It Outdoors is to improve the quality of life for everyone exploring the natural world. We take conservation very seriously and believe that it us up to everyone to be a good steward of nature for the enjoyment of future generations. While we would love the opportunity to share the full catalog of products we are working on, the reason we are seeking funding is to help us combat an invasive species called the Spotted Lanternfly. 

In Q3 2023 we launched a spotted lanternfly trap to the market through Amazon, while the 2023 SLF season will begin to taper off over the next few months we are looking ahead to the 2024 season. We are working to expand our facility to support the demand for our first SLF trap, and add three additional products to our SLF arsenal. We are on a mission to destroy this invasive species within North America and protect the wine, hardwood, and fruit tree industries. We have secured our EPA Registered pesticide facility certification and are working towards achieving EPA approval for several pesticide products aimed at the Spotted Lanternfly. 

Our current business model is E-commerce, launching products directly to our Amazon Branded channel. We are working with retailers in twelve states to carry our invasive species products for the 2024 season, and are working with brick-and-mortar camping product stores to carry our backpacking products. 

We manufacture 100% of our products in Arizona, with 85% produced in-house. Our incredibly short supply chain means we can produce our products with minimal interruption caused by factors seen since 2020.

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