Raising $1.5M to develop WAVE, a Mindfulness Meditation App

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Before reading our Executive Summary, experience the power of mindfulness firsthand by downloading the WAVE app from the Google Play Store or the AppleApp Store and immerse yourself in our transformative journey. As the founder of WAVE puts it, “You won’t know what you are not investing in unless you take a voyage.”


EME Enterprises, Inc., an Arizona-based corporation, is seeking $1.5 million USD in start-up financing in exchange for 30% equity to continue the development of WAVE (Wellness Audio Voyages Entertainment), a mindfulness meditation application designed to help users build awareness through meditation. The capital raise will be conducted in multiple rounds to support the app’s growth and expansion, with the flexibility for investors to participate in one or more rounds based on their investment preferences.
Mindfulness meditation is a technique that involves focusing on the present moment, without interpretation or judgment, to increase awareness and reduce stress. WAVE is a series of unique and professionally recorded guided meditations that apply narration and music to help users relax and build mindfulness. According to a 2020 study reported by Berkshire Hathaway’s BusinessWire.com, the global market size for mindfulness meditation apps is expected to reach over $4.2 billion USD by 2027, with stress and depression levels among end users worldwide driving the adoption of these applications. With WAVE, users can “Take A Voyage” and get “WET” (Wellness Entertainment Therapy) while listening to guided meditations with background music performed by the composer or musicians.
Each “Voyage” that EME Enterprises, Inc. creates is a new and innovative digital audio guided meditation as it combines four components: (1) Guided Imagery Narration, (2) Progressive Muscle Relaxation, (3) Deep Breathing, and (4) Music. This unique combination creates an audio hypnotic effect that opens the end user to accept suggestions into the subconscious mind where positive changes can occur immediately. Additionally, one major difference between WAVE and its competition is that “Voyages” are the only digital audio “mindfulness meditation” to offer guided meditations with in-sync background music.  
Once funded, EME Enterprises, Inc. will create 10 new digital audio guided meditations or “Voyages”, hire a small staff, and build out its marketing plan to launch its new WAVE app. This newly designed app will offer over 80 digital recordings. This exclusive content will be accessible for a monthly subscription of $9.95 per month. In the United States alone, “subscriptions contribute the most to growing mobile revenue numbers. 97% of consumer spending in the top 250 non-gaming apps in the Apple App Store was driven by subscriptions. In the Google Play Store, subscription-based revenue came in at 91%”.
EME Enterprises, Inc. conservatively estimates an average of over $3.9 million USD in annual revenue by the end of its fourth year after funding, with an estimated pre-tax profit of over $1.7 million USD. It anticipates a recoupment of the $1.5 million investment and a return on investment (ROI) of over $1.6 million by the end of Year 5 after funding. 
These projections are considered extremely conservative, given that WAVE’s primary competitors, Calm and Headspace, reported $150 million USD and $100 million USD in revenue, respectively, in 2019. WAVE differentiates itself by offering professionally composed background music with spoken narration in its guided meditations. Additionally, WAVE combines the four abovementioned components to offer health and wellness benefits and ease of accessibility.
In addition, global consumer spending on health and fitness apps hit nearly $34 billion in 2021. Health and fitness app downloads are up 47% year-over-year, and the fitness app market in the United States is projected to grow over 16% every year, with spending on mental health apps potentially reaching $500 million in 2022.

Pitch Deck Presentation and complete Business Plan including Financial Projections are available upon request.

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