Water’s Future LLC

Private Artesian Water Source with NYS Dept. of Health approval to build micro bottling facility. Requesting $200,000 to complete project.

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 We are Water's Future LLC.
We have a PRIVATE ARTESIAN WATER SOURCE. Through much time, money ($350,000 ) and effort we have received NYS Dept. of Health approval to develop this world class water source.
We are seeking $200,000 to construct our "boutique" micro-bottling facility.  Our water has been extensively tested by our Hydrologist and it is truly World Class. We have multiple sales, distribution outlets ready to serve. Help us achieve our goal of offering this exceptional water to the public. We are commited to environmental sustainability and reducing the use of plastic products. Any and all reports, Water Quality-Hydrologic Analysis-Engineering -Geology are available upon request.
Secure your Water's Future!

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